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Basically, home health refers to the provision of skilled services like nursing care, respiratory, occupational, and physical therapy to clients right in the comfort of their home. It works in such a way that a certified professional would be sent to the home of the client to take a look at the situation, at the same time coming up with a care plan. Unknown to many, the services of a home health professional are often times short term, that is, it could be the case of someone who is recovering from certain health issues. Home health service providers need to be certified and licensed by the government and this is to reassure clients that the pre-determined standards have been met.

Home health service providers in San Mateo have been trained to come up with plans that would help them achieve certain goals that are based on the condition and health status of the client. For example, a client that has just been treated with a disease that makes it difficult for them to move would have to follow a plan created by the home health service provider. The main aim of the plan would be to enable the client to walk on his/her feet and the plan would be tailored to meet the set goal. Most times, the goal could be rehabilitative, therapeutic, and preventative. Whatever the case may be, the home health will help the client achieve the set goal.

Services Provided By Home Health Service Providers In San Mateo

Interestingly, home health caregivers or providers have to perform a wide range of functions. Some of these services include;

  1. Providing wound care, medical equipment, disease management, patient education, and therapeutic medical services. They also carry out campaigns that promote the prevention of certain health diseases. They also inform the client of his condition at the same time offering them the needed emotional support.
  2. They are to examine the condition of the client and create a plan that would help them achieve the set goal.
  3. In addition, they also have to consult with doctors on the condition of the client as well as give necessary feedback on any potential change that needs to be looked into.
  4. They could also provide certain services like personal hygiene care which will include attending to the needs of the client like; washing, brushing and styling their hair etc.
  5. They could also act as healthcare managers. That is, they are able to coordinate tons of services from numerous disciplines all with the aim of helping the patient. Often times, these disciplines could include; pharmacy, rehabilitation, and also community resources.

Who Are Eligible For The Services Of A Home Health Service Provider

While most people would decide to opt for this healthcare for their loved ones, it is important that they remember that certain predetermined conditions must be met before they could hire the service of a home health service provider. These conditions are;

  1. That the client is under the care of a doctor and also getting that right services with the help of planned care that has been developed.
  2. The client has been certified by the doctor to be inbound
  3. The agency caring for the client is one that has been approved by the relevant authorities.
  4. That the client has been certified by the doctor to be in need of; physical therapy, skilled nursing care, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology.

Additionally, a home health service provider should provide a relevant document that they have already encountered and helped another patient to recover from any health issue.

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