HealthNow Home Healthcare is the best home healthcare agency in San Francisco. They offer great healthcare services to your comfort. They have made health solutions and remedies relatively easy. HealthNow Home Healthcare specializes in in-home healthcare services for convenience and comfort at great prices. They have licensed health care professionals who are trained to offer health care services including physical, speech, occupational and diet therapists. They also have a team of medical social workers and many other trained health workers.

One of the great reasons why HealthNow Home Healthcare is the choice of many people in San  Francisco is the great convenience and comfort they offer through their services. You do not have to stay confined in a place like a hospital room, they have great affordable and flexible home healthcare services just as you desire. They offer the best services for patients with chronic diseases, patients who need rapt recovery, and those who need to undergo rehabilitation. This health care agency allows you to receive the required treatment at the comfort of your home while under strict monitoring by home nurses. Their services include the following;

In-home nursing

This service allows a patient to enjoy full medical attention that may enhance rapid recovery. HealthNow Home Healthcare services include dressing wounds, sensitization about diseases and appropriate treatments, general health assessment such as blood pressure monitoring, telemonitoring, glucose monitoring, vital checks, and post-operation assessment. IV management, colostomy and ostomy management and training, administration of drugs, injections, heparin flushes, tube and drain management, foot care etc.

In-home nursing involves the services of registered nurses supervising the care and treatment of patients in their homes. They help to monitor patients for an effective treatment plan and steady recovery

Medical Social Work

They help to interact and evaluate the social, emotional, and environmental condition of a sick person or a disabled, helping them and to cope and live to be a better version of themselves. They have trusted professionals whose assistance will help to alleviate whatever emotional or social problem that you may have.

Occupational therapy

This is a scheme or treatment plan that helps an individual to improve on skills and abilities for social and psychological well-being. The health care therapist puts the individual on a treatment plan that helps to recover the ability to perform everyday activities that makes them fit for life. It helps to train individuals to be independent by training them to adequate skills needed to perform everyday task.

Basically, the responsibility of HealthNow Home Healthcare is to help patients to recover after major conditions like a heart attack, hip replacement surgery, feeding difficulty, a decline in cognitive functions, joint pains and others.

Speech therapy

Speech is a major tool for communication. Defective speech patterns can make getting around or getting things done a bit difficult. Speech therapy helps to learn speech construction in order to establish a great and understandable communication pattern. Speech therapy is also recommended for patients with breathing and swallowing difficulties. It’s a good treatment scheme for patients with stroke, heart attack or heart failure, breathing and swallowing difficulty.

Physical therapy

HealthNow Home Healthcare has trained and skilled personnel to take patients through the process of regaining their physical functions after surgery or some major health conditions like a heart attack. It helps patients to get back into their healthy and active lifestyles.

Respite care

HealthNow Home Healthcare professionals give you the opportunity to take a break from being a caregiver for your loved ones. They take over the responsibility of caring and catering for their patient’s daily needs. Their respite care services include personal care, shopping, running errands, housekeeping, and companionship.

Your good health and that of your loved ones are guaranteed with HealthNow Home Healthcare.