SPEECH THERAPY – The Ultimate therapy to speech impairment

HealthNow Home Healthcare is the home of Speech therapy. It is a place to get the best solution to all speech related problems.

The role of communication in our society and daily activities cannot be overemphasized. Communication is one the factors of survival anywhere that you may find yourself. The integral and basic part of communication is done through speech. Basically, communication and speech are interwoven. Communication centers around speech delivery.

For some reasons, some people may have speech limitation that may pose a great threat to how effectively they can interact and communicate their minds to other people around them. A solution has been found to bridge speech limitations or problems. Speech therapy, which is also referred to as speech-language pathology is a medium of drastically reducing all speech related problems.

There are qualified speech therapists in HealthNow Home Healthcare to help patients to achieve speech fluency. Their assistance can help patients with a speech impairment to achieve speech fluidity (free-flowing speech). Speech impairment can be as a result of delayed speech which is the most common. It can also be as a result of various health conditions that may have an effect on developmental interactions or communication with the environment.

Speech therapy goes beyond helping to achieve speech fluidity, wording or language. It also helps with issues related to breathing and swallowing. Most children with breathing or swallowing difficulties such as mouth lumps, oesophagal lumps and the rest usually have a problem with normal and consistent speech delivery. A common condition is a situation whereby an individual is capable of constructing meaningful words but mumbles and stutters upon speaking, which makes it difficult for the listener to comprehend.

Whatever the cause of an individual’s speech problem, speech therapy can help to maintain and manage such case effectively. Whether birth defect, developmental delay, brain or head injury or trauma effect, therapy allows patients to establish fluency and consistency with speech over time. A patient with tongue related problem may find it hard to articulate words fluently. Intonation may be difficult. Also volume control, high or low pitch, grammatical issues and syntax may be difficult to achieve. All these leads to confusion and incomprehensible conversations.

Speech therapy involves various branches to be greatly appreciated. Each targets the cause or type of difficulty a patient is faced with. A productive speech therapy identifies the pattern of an individual’s problem in order to know how to start with treatment. For a patient that has issues with pronouncing certain sounds, such patient is solely placed on therapy to correct what the underlying cause may be. HealthNow Home Healthcare therapists put patients through several tests to diagnose and identify a patient’s specific deficiency. Dietary and neurological factors can also be a cause of speech impairment. They can be identified upon subjecting a patient to diagnostic tests.

Once the cause of the problem is identified. The therapist proceeds with treatments that target the cause of the defect. Patients who need language therapy will be placed in language drills, mimicking and reading. Grammar and vocabulary exercises are used to solve problems with syntax and sentence construction. Those with articulation problems are made to practice movements around the buccal region. The exercise targets the teeth, tongue, jaw, lips, and palates. This helps them to communicate and pronounce intended words clearly.

Another cause of irregular or incomprehensible communication is the lack of control over volume pitch, speed, and tone. They can alter the meaning of a word and can make a listener confused. The manner in which each of these factors is used is also targeted in speech therapy. Oral therapy is also given to strengthen the muscles around the oral cavity in order to help with voicing out intended words correctly.

Speech impairment shouldn’t be left unresolved to avoid irreversible or permanent unhealthy speech patterns. HealthNow Home Healthcare is a healthcare agency that has been a great help in establishing a successful and effective communication.