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Home health care is fast rising in the Bay Area. HealthNow Home Health is one of the top health care companies that has improved the health of the residents greatly. Home health care is strictly about giving extensive care to the elderly, chronically ill, disabled, and every other person battling with any health challenge. HealthNow Home Healthcare has risen to be a solution to the health troubles of the people.

There are many benefits that HealthNow Home healthcare offers you as a resident of Bay Area. Their goal is to ensure that the elderly, sick, and disabled patients enjoy appropriate and quality personal care without going through any stress at all. HealthNow Home Healthcare agency has taken it as a point of duty to meet the personal medical or health need of the people through personalized service.

HealthNow Home Healthcare affords every patient convenience and comfort. Patients do not need to go about or face any hospital stress to receive treatment. You don’t have to be confined in a hospital block to receive treatment. You can receive maximum care at the comfort of your home. The health care professionals in HealthNow bring a hospital setting to your home. They provide the necessary facilities needed to treat you.

A very great benefit of HealthNow Home Healthcare is that fast recovery is guaranteed for every patient. This is due to the fact that they give adequate and compassionate care to their patients. They give their patients total and undivided attention. HealthNow Home Healthcare services include physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Speech therapy, Dietary management/education, social medical workers, home nursing and others.

Home Nursing

This is a primary service offered by HealthNow Home Healthcare. They provide personal care for the elders, the sick,  and those who have a problem with moving. They cut off the stress of going to the hospital for check-up and treatment. HealthNow Home nurses act as companions to help you recover faster.

Speech therapy

HealthNow Home Healthcare offers speech therapy at the patient’s residence. They help to manage and develop treatment plans for individuals (especially kids) who have communication problem. Speech therapy helps to treat articulation, fluency, resonance, feeding, breathing and swallowing problems. HealthNow speech therapists come up with several strategies including language intervention, articulation therapy, feeding and swallowing therapy, breathing exercises, and facial muscle control to treat communication difficulties.

Diet Therapy

They help people who have eating disorders and help to treat diet-related conditions like obesity, anorexia and others. Their diet management services include educating patients on the types of food they should eat and those they should avoid. It makes complete sense to say that they come into your home to help you fight unhealthy eating habits.

Physical Therapy

HealthNow Home Healthcare have physical therapists that can help your loved one to win over mobility problems. They have a team of professionals who can help you regain your moving abilities by providing services to you in your own home.

Occupational Therapy

This involves training patients who have lost their skills and abilities to relearn and regain them. Some illnesses may cause an individual to lose certain abilities by making them dependent on others. Patients who cannot carry out activities of daily living are trained to relearn these skills. In the process, they assist such patient until they have a full recovery.

HealthNow Home Health care consists of a team of skilled and licensed professional who is dedicated to good health and good life of the people. They are ready to give their patients extensive care in their homes in order to minimize recovery time. Good health of the people is their priority!

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