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HealthNow Home Healthcare currently provides occupational therapy services to patients in the bay area. For many years, we have successfully provided numerous clients with a wide range of occupational therapy solutions. If you need to find an expert occupational therapist close to you in the bay area, look no further as we are here to offer you the premium service that you deserve.

Why occupational therapy?

When we talk about occupational therapy in the bay area, we simply refer to a process of assisting individuals to relearn the basic life skills which will help them to function independently and confidently by carrying out everyday tasks. The basic tasks that individuals should be able to perform every day include –

  • Dressing up
  • Being able to eat without help
  • Performing daily cleaning activities in the home
  • Brushing and bathing
  • Playing games

At HealthNow Home Healthcare, we have a team of occupational therapists that work to better the lives of our clients. When you hire us, we will involve your loved ones and your doctor in the decision-making process regarding the formulation of a comprehensive care plan. Our commitment to helping you resume your regular routine is unmatched in the entire bay area and this is the reason that we have the best reviews. No matter the setback that you experienced due to physical or mental issues, leave it to HealthNow occupational therapists to help you correct all of them.

Our experience is impeccable

HealthNow has successfully built a proven record of tackling all complications which are related to injuries or diseases. The treatment plans that we design for our esteemed clients in the bay area are structured to greatly enhance their independence.

  • Assessment

Before we come up with treatment plans, our skilled occupational therapists pay you a visit and conduct the necessary assessment to determine what your condition really is.

  • Collaboration

As soon as we have conducted our assessment, we will get your physician, as well as, your loved ones involved in the process. This will help us to build an even deeper understanding of your needs.

  • Care plan development

Next, we will proceed with drawing up a comprehensive occupational therapy care plan that will help you to make continuous progress while enhancing your independence, as well as, your ability to carry out tasks every day. Our occupational therapy care plans are designed to tackle the following conditions – orthopedic injuries, issues which are connected to your neurology, degenerative conditions, hand therapy for outpatients, and more.

Why choose us?

HealthNow Home Healthcare provides unmatched occupational therapy solutions to patients in the entire bay area. Premium occupational therapy services are administered by professionals who have undergone required training and are certified.

Our mission is to ensure that patients in the bay area live independent lives while engaging in regular day-to-day activities and this is why we are relentless in taking occupational therapy right to their doorsteps to ensure that they receive the best treatment while enjoying their privacy.

Hire us today

HealthNow occupational therapists in the bay area are dedicated and fully trained. Are you experiencing conditions that limit your ability to function effectively mentally, physically, emotionally, and more? Do you face challenges in caring for yourself or participating in daily activities? Then, look no further because HealthNow is your best solution. When you experience our occupational therapy care program, you will get to work with the best healthcare therapists in the entire bay area as we strive to create customized goals which are attainable and are channeled towards producing positive results. Endeavor to contact us today and we will pay you a visit.

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