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HealthNow offers Personalized Care Planning using modern strategy and a collaborative process for people with long-term health conditions. Personalized Care is an effective approach used to identify and discuss problems caused by or related to the patient’s condition and develop a plan to address it. In essence, it is a conversation or series of conversations in which they jointly agree goals and actions for managing the patient’s condition. Personalized Care involves the patient and their healthcare provider working together to develop appropriate management goals and action plans on how to achieve it.

There are different ways and steps used to outline the development of a personalized care plan. In a nutshell, personalized care planning is a seven-step process that involves: patient preparation, goal setting, developing an action plan, documenting the process, coordination of the process by the healthcare provider, patient support, and monitoring of progress. The preparation includes preliminary appointments for relevant clinical tests. Goal setting process involves eliciting and clarifying a patient’s understanding of their condition, values, outcome preferences and priorities. Action planning includes identifying practical ways to achieve patient’s behavioral goals. The agreed actions are documented in a specifically designed record for the health professional’s reference or as patient’s memoir, or both. Coordination of the process by the healthcare provider may include input from multi‐disciplinary team members, from hospital or community‐based specialists, from educationalists and other staff, or from community organizations or support groups. Patient support may take form as health coaching, motivational support, problem solving, or simply checking and reinforcing progress in implementing the agreed plan. The patient and clinician then jointly review progress and plan the next steps. HealthNow is with the patient and family along the way to ensure proper care.

Most of the people who need personalized care plans are those suffering from a chronic (or long-term) illness. This includes both physical and mental health conditions and chronic diseases—such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases, and mental health problems, heart failure, kidney disease, dementia, and many more. Having a personalized care plan is considered a proactive way in battling these chronic diseases. It is an empowering way to better manage your health and control risk as you reach old age. Studies and research proves that having personalized care plans provides a lot of benefits resulting in decreases in blood sugar levels, blood pressure in people with diabetes, improve lung function in people with asthma, reduce depression symptoms, and increase confidence and skills for disease self-management. These may seem like small effects, but small things lead to greater things. It can result in a riffle effect.

Evidence shows that having a personalized care plan can lead to an effective use of limited healthcare resources. People who take good care of their health or engage early with their personalized care are more likely to receive care and treatment tailor fit to them and appropriate to their needs.   By sustaining successful self-management, personalized care and support planning may also help to reduce the use of urgent and emergency care. Just like almost anything in life, careful planning always leads to a better chance in getting success. When a patient needs Personalized Care, HealthNow has the right staff in the entire San Francisco Bay Area!

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