Joint Replacement

HealthNow Home Healthcare’s Joint Replacement Program follows the recommendations of a patient’s orthopaedic physician. The course of care involves pre and post-surgical regimes provided by certified nurses and therapists. HealthNow Home Healthcare’s programs employ the best recovery nurses and certified therapists in your area. HealthNow Home Healthcare’s programs are personalized and include:

  • Ensuring patients have a thorough understanding of their doctor’s advice to ensure optimal recovery
  • Enhancing the satisfaction of patients and their families
  • Educating patients and their families about what to expect during recovery

 Almost one million Americans have a knee or hip replacement surgery each year, most of these joint replacement surgeries are performed on senior citizens, but nearly 100,000 of the operations are performed on patients under the age of 65.

Knee replacement surgery rates continue to increase due to greater wear on our joints and longer life spans. Some people even undergo multiple replacement surgeries. Homecare can be an important part of a patient’s recovery after surgery, either by itself or combined with outpatient therapy.