Why Choose Our Services?

We Help Patients Stay Home Longer

HealthNow Home Healthcare provides personal care services to help patients maintain their independence and quality of life. Our services allow patients to stay in their homes longer and avoid moving to costly facilities.

HealthNow employs private nurses to deliver personalized care as well as professionals that provide assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs). ADLs include bathing, dressing, eating, using the restroom, and walking.

HealthNow professionals can determine the level of need required and create a treatment plan to ensure a positive outcome.

We provide occasional visits, daily care, 24/7 assistance, and live-in care arrangements.

Beyond Medicine, We Provide In-Home Care and Companionship Services

HealthNow Healthcare’s HomeLife Enrichment® Program is design by medical professionals to give seniors the opportunity to lead independent, safe and enriched lives.

These programs are tailored to the individual and focus on all aspects of lifestyle. We keep patients safe and independent. We offer a wide range of services that go above and beyond what other home healthcare companies provide.

Avoid Unnecessary Hospitalizations with Medication Reminders

Four out of five adults take at least one form of medication and one third take more than four medications. Remembering to take medication can be difficult, especially for the elderly.

Our HealthNow home care experts can help by reading medication directions and reminding seniors when to take which medication.

Housekeeping to Prevent Unnecessary Falls

Housekeeping can be difficult as we get older. Although HealthNow HealthCare is not a maid service, our expert staff can assist patients with sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, mopping floors, cleaning bathrooms, and kitchens.

Our providers can organize closets and drawers and put things away to avoid accidental trips or falls.

Transport Services Help You Live Your Life

Many seniors no longer drive and public transport can be confusing. HealthNow is not an ambulance or taxi service, but many of our offices offer transportation services in addition to our personal care services.

Access to transportation can greatly improve a senior’s life by allowing them to go to the doctor, pick up prescriptions, run errands and feel more active and independent.

HealthNow Healthcare provides tailored live-in care plans to suit the patient’s needs.

These services vary, depending on the client’s situation, and allow family remembers to relax with the knowledge that their loved one is receiving needed services from professionals and is well taken care of.

24-Hour Home Care Services

HealthNow Healthcare organizes healthcare professionals to provide services based on the needs of the patient. Continuous home care is ideal for clients who are at risk when by themselves, such as those with dementia.

HealthNow can provide 24 hour a day, seven day a week care, if needed.

Family Caregivers Can Relax with Respite Care

Caring for your family can be an incredibly draining job. Respite care can give you a break to relieve stress, allow you to re-energize, and find a better life-balance.

HealthNow Healthcare gives family caregivers a much needed break for just a few hours or for a vacation.


Compassionate Toilet and Incontinence Care

HealthNow’s professionals understand the issues that many seniors have with needing help getting to and from the bathroom.

We provide incontinence care with a high degree of compassion, maintaining the patient’s dignity and modesty.

Positioning and Transferring

Some clients need help being put into the correct posture, in order to maintain their health and functionality.

HealthNow’s professionals transfer and position patients properly into beds and chairs to reduce bed sores, muscle stiffness, and wastage. Proper positioning encourages easier breathing and better digestion.

Bathing and Hygiene Assistance

HealthNow professionals provide seniors with help bathing and with basic hygiene. Being clean and well groomed helps with physical health and provides most patients with a better perspective on life.

Mobility Assistance

We provide clients with mobility assistance to help them get out of their homes, build stamina and endurance, and boost energy levels.

Feeding Assistance

Needing assistance to feed yourself can be mentally difficult for anyone. Our healthcare professionals give the mental support and understanding that patients need, while feeding them with the respect and dignity that they deserve.

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