Our mission at HealthNow Home Healthcare is the provision of potent medical social work solutions that promote the optimal social, as well as, emotional well-being of patients including persons affected by sickness.

At HealthNow Home Healthcare, we believe that any home health agency that does not have a social worker has put itself at a disadvantage. As medical social workers, we have so much concern for the safety of our patients at home. We know how difficult it is for some patients who returned from the hospital and do not have the means to meet up with medical appointments. Then again, we know that some patients unable to physically go for their medications.

You understand how important medical social workers are as we care for patients at home. HealthNow social workers are equipped with information and resources needed to assist our patients in staying safe and well taken care of while at their own homes. No matter what kind of assistance is needed, whether medical, social, as well as psychological, our social workers will provide the necessary education and resource links necessary.

Our social work ethic

At HealthNow Home Healthcare, we have medical social workers who show deep empathy, as well as, compassion to our clients and display a positive personality even when situations get very challenging. With so much commitment to helping patients and their loved ones to handle the difficulties that arise with challenging times, our medical social workers help our team members to have a deeper understanding of all the socio-emotional factors that are related to the condition of a patient.

They collaborate with our healthcare professionals in the design and development of a comprehensive care plan, keep record notes of clinical progress, make use of the right community resources related to the needs of the patient, and display great responsibility in order to ensure that every patient gets all that is needed to keep them safe and comfortable at home.

Our social work services

At HealthNow Home Healthcare, we offer a wide range of medical social work services which include, but are not limited to –

  • Patient & Family Support

Our medical social workers intervene in the provision of psychosocial, as well as, practical support to patients and their loved ones (family) during challenging times related to the condition of the patient.

  • Crisis Intervention

Our medical social workers provide counseling interventions to our patients and their loved ones during an acute crisis like sudden death, ICU admission, admission related to accidents or assaults, and more.

  • Counseling

Our medical social workers engage the patient of members of their family is in a therapeutic process which is geared towards strategies for adjustment and coping. This is mostly related to situations such as bereavement or serious sickness.

  • Discharge Planning

Initiated from the point of contact, we offer discharge planning services to evaluate factors which can hinder or slow down the process of our patients’ transition to a community setting.

  • Bereavement Service

Apart from the provision of bereavement counseling by our medical social workers, we help to co-ordinate bereavement support for the family in order to remember the loved ones who have passed away.

Hire HealthNow social workers

HealthNow home health professionals are skilled in assisting patients at home including their families to cope with the personal, emotional, as well as social concerns which could come up during certain situations.

If you are looking for a medical social worker service for your loved ones at home, feel free to contact HealthNow Home Healthcare and we will be willing to offer you comprehensive support solutions.