HealthNow’s home care professionals are trained in wound care, the healing process and effective use of wound products and devices. Our nurses and therapists use the latest standards of practice and leading wound care products. This includes a comprehensive clinical training program designed to:

  • Improve patient comfort
  • Improve healing time
  • Prevent Complications
  • Improve outcomes
  • Decrease the time taken to change dressings

Our licensed nurses and physical therapists are kept up to date with the latest trends in treatment and continually improve their skills and knowledge. Their expertise can benefit and make the recovery process easier for patients who are recovering from complicated and debilitating wounds.



What Can HealthNow Healthcare Professionals Do for Patients with Wounds

Our services to assist patients include:

  • Evidence-based wound treatments for each specific type of wound
  • Recommendations for devices or support surfaces that promote wound healing and prevent complications
  • Education of self monitoring for the patient, so that they can notice signs of complications, how to manage the wound in-home and how to prevent future wounds from occurring
  • Education on which foods, supplements and activities can help with wound healing and improve the patient’s condition
  • Communication and collaboration with the patient’s doctor on their progress as well as future treatment options

How HealthNow’s Wound Care Program Can Benefit Patients

We can provide an easy transition from in-patient facilities to home care without compromising on care or treatment. Our licensed nurses specialize in these with personalized attention and coordination between the treating physician, the home care agency and the healthcare professionals. This ensures that all of the patient’s treatment needs are met. These services include:

  • Home IV therapy for infections
  • Help with medical management
  • Exercise programs for strength, endurance and daily living activities
  • Home care aides providing personal care assistance
  • Coordination between community social services, medical transportation, medical equipment and others