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The role that physical therapy plays in human life is profound. The recovery process of patients who have sustained injuries or passed through situations that affect their musculoskeletal functions is usually sped up through physical therapy. For patients living in the Bay Area, physical therapy is beneficial in all ramifications. The best part is that there is a possibility of receiving physical therapy right at the comfort of your home without having to pay a doctor frequent visits.

Have you heard about HealthNow Physical therapy yet?

At HealthNow Home Healthcare, we are dedicated to providing the best Physical therapy services in the entire Bay Area. Our highly trained physical therapists have the required knowledge and skills and are committed to that will help you get back to full functions.

All you need to do is give us a trial and experience the benefits that come from allowing our physical therapist to develop a care plan that helps to enhance your independence and functionality levels. In the entire Bay Area, we are leaders in the physical care therapy industry for people living at home. We provide personalized services right at the comfort of your home.

Your comfort is guarantees

Respect, integrity, comfort, and professionalism. These four keywords are reflected in our physical therapy program as we believe that home care must be administered in a manner that shows respect for the patient, enhances their comfort and is delivered with the right process.

In coming up with the right physical therapy care program for patients in the Bay Area, we first carry out an assessment of our clients to determine their physical condition. Then, we draft out a plan that is tailored to their needs to ensure that they can be able to return back to their regular way of life. Some of the ways in which we use physical therapy to improve the life of our patients are –

  • Mobility

With our physical therapy program, our skilled professionals will help you to learn to move around your home without tripping or falling.

  • Tasks and assignments

We will develop a series of tasks and assignments to be completed by you every single day to make sure that you make steady progress towards full recovery.

  • Build your strength and resilience

Our physical therapists will care for you and expose you to techniques and methods to help you develop your strengths and resilience while making steady advancements.

  • Exercise at home

HealthNow Home Healthcare develop an exercise regimen that is suited to your condition to keep you fit and develop your body as you engage in physical therapy. You will, also, learn to conserve your energy as you move around and work with assistive innovative devices.

  • Professional recommendations

As time goes on, all through the process, we will provide you with professional assessments and recommendations to help speed up your progress towards full recovery.

When to contact HealthNow physical therapists

At HealthNow, we know the signs to look out for to determine if you need physical therapy in the Bay Area. If you are experiencing any of the following signs, do well to contact our physical therapist now –

  • walking difficulties
  • balancing problems
  • a stroke
  • falls
  • pains in the joints or muscles
  • back pains
  • Replacement surgery
  • heart functional decline

Contact the best Bay Area physical therapist

When trying to make a recovery from sickness, also others, injuries and surgery, your effectiveness is significantly inhibited. Relearning these processes might be essential and our Bay Area physical therapists are trained and licensed to help you in order to get you back to fitness.

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