There are numerous reasons why you should seek the service of HealthNow Home Healthcare in San Francisco. In-home health is the best way in which a patient can have access to extensive health care. HealthNow Home Healthcare is a forefront health care provider in San Francisco. This agency has home health professionals that are skilled in a vast range of in-home health care. HealthNow Home Healthcare is the best place where you can acquire the best health care service. They have great expertise in caring for the old and the sick. The following are the objectives of in-home health care;

To minimize recovery time: one of the biggest reasons why you should acquire the services of HealthNow Home Healthcare is for rapid recovery. People usually require a length of time to recover fully from injury, accident or surgery. In-home health care is a good way to provide support and care for a person awaiting full recovery. It entails the administration of medication, injection, intravenous management, dress change, wound care, urinary catheter and much other life assist care.

Several studies have shown that in-home health gives the opportunity for extensive care which is very important for the rapid recovery of a patient. The best you can offer your sick loved one is seeking the service of HealthNow Home healthcare.

Proper medical care and management: in-home health care is a way of getting proper medical care and management. It is the best way to get focused and unbiased treatment from their health care personnel.

The best help for old age people: old age people usually have a problem with moving around to receive health services. HealthNow Home Healthcare offers in-home services for adults who may have difficulty moving around and making trips to the hospital.

To relieve stress and cut down frequent trips to the hospital: with HealthNow Home Healthcare, there is no more worrying about the stress of moving around to the hospital. You can be in the comfort of your home while receiving adequate medical treatment. It has an advantage of cutting off the anxiety of moving around.

It gives caregivers the opportunity to have a personal time: relatives do not need to bother too much about being a health caregiver because there is always healthcare personnel or nurse with your loved ones. There is provision for constant care and attention for their patients.

Skilled nursing care

Patients have access to the supervision of a certified and licensed nurse to treat and manage their health and injury. Their nursing care includes injections ( they may also teach you how to self-inject), catheter changes, tube feeding, observation, assessment, management, foot care, wound dressing.

Therapy services: their therapy services include physical, occupational, and speech therapy that is necessary for treating your injury or illness and to help maintain independence. All of these are performed under the strict supervision of a certified therapist. They provide physical therapy including gait training, exercises to regain balance, strength, and movement. Speech-language therapy or speech-language pathology is carried out to strengthen and establish good language skills. Their occupational therapy helps to regain skills and abilities for activities of daily living such as bathing, eating, grooming, etc.

Health Aide: they have professional health aides especially for patients who require skilled nursing care or therapy services. HealthNow health aide provides personal care services such as bathing, toilet care, dressing, and grooming.

Home Medical social services: HealthNow Home healthcare also engage in social medical services for patients who have issues with emotional and social concerns. They help with counselling and companionship to ensure everyone lives a good life.