Physical therapy is one of the services offered by HealthNow Home Healthcare agency. There are several conditions that may require the need for physical therapy. Some of these conditions include heart attack and heart failure, stroke, severe back pain, joint pain or dislocation, recent surgery, hemiparesis, partial paralysis, loss of or decline in normal functions, injury from falls, trauma and others. Patients with these conditions are expected to be physically active in order to have a steady recovery.

Physical therapy targets the dysfunctional part of the body to ensure that there is complete balance upon full recovery. HealthNow physical therapists place patients on a treatment plan to enhance better blood flow,  prevent degeneration of muscles, and regain the function of any affected part of the body.

HealthNow physical therapists are well trained and skilled at helping patients to regain muscle strength, lost movement ability and functions. Their physical therapy service is readily available to both children and adults. When looking to help your loved one to recover their physical abilities and functions after a major accident, HealthNow Home Healthcare is the best health care agency that can help with the easy and quick recovery process.

They have various specified treatment that varies across patients. This is usually based on the age, situation, intensity of condition and other factors. Patients with severe back pain are put to exercises that will help strengthen their back muscles. They are guided to perform stretching and lifting related exercises that can help in proper positioning. Physical therapy can also be used to target post-surgery rehabilitation. The therapists take time to evaluate the surgical procedure that was performed on the patient in order to know the best treatment to carry out on them.

After a proper assessment, the best treatment for the patient is decided. The therapist takes the patient on routine exercise and necessary assistance. HealthNow physical therapists conduct their services until the patient recovers fully from immobility problems. They also guide patients on how to carry out exercises safely outside therapy hours. The therapy continues until the patient is completely independent.

Why you should seek HealthNow physical therapy services

  • Physical therapy can help patients to regain their mobility. A condition like a stroke may destroy the movement ability of an individual. It may bring complete or partial paralysis upon an individual. In such case, the help of a physical therapist is needed to bring back the lost functions and abilities.
  • The services of HealthNow physical therapist is needed to ensure that a patient feels active and recovers completely without having to make frequent trips or visits to the hospital.
  • They provide services that help maximize your movement. HealthNow Home healthcare physical therapists come into your home to help you with pain-free movement. Movement, of course, is crucial to our day to day activities. They help you to move around again independently. As movement experts, they can diagnose, manage, and treat mobility problems.
  • Their services are a great help for people who do not have a constant means of transportation, and also for people who are not strong enough to move around. They have made recovery and healing process absolutely easy. They help you to move again by assisting you with movement within your home.
  • They develop treatment plans that particularly targets the dysfunctional part of their patient’s body. They put their patients to exercises and massage techniques to help the soft tissues to gain strength.

HealthNow Home physical therapists have a good experience in conducting effective and productive therapy. They are simply the best for independent mobility and successful recovery.