HealthNow Home Healthcare is your premium occupational therapy service provider specializing in all forms of occupational therapy caregiving in homes in the entire bay area. If you are looking for an occupational therapist San Francisco county service, simply contact us to get the best service.

Occupational therapy involves working with patients of all ages in order to help them master the basic skills that they will need in order to care for themselves and perform their everyday basic activities such as dressing, eating by themselves, and carrying out daily house chores. At HealthNow Home Healthcare, we are specialists in collaborating with patients with the goal of helping them improve their daily lives in all ramifications. We specialize in helping them to relearn the tasks that they used to be able to perform but can no longer anymore because of physical or mental issues.

At HealthNow Home Healthcare, we have in-depth experience in addressing the issues or complications which are linked to injury or disease. We take steps to design treatment plans which are aimed at increasing the independence of our patients. First, we carry out comprehensive evaluations to ascertain what the functional limitations are. Then, we go ahead to create care plans which will help patients to progressively increase their independence and ability to perform daily tasks. Here are some common conditions that we treat using occupational therapy –

Active In-Home Therapy

HealthNow Home Healthcare is your premium provider of occupational therapy in homes all over San Francisco county. We specialize in providing families in the entire bay area with quality occupational therapy. We have a commitment to greatly increase the level of independence, as well as, the wellness of our patients and that is why we offer them in-home services to ensure that they are comfortable and enjoy their privacy.

Through the top-notch therapeutic solutions that are geared towards the promotion of vitality, as well as, an improvement in health, we greatly strive to improve the quality of life of our patients. We believe that everyone should be entitled to a healthier, active, and fun-filled lifestyle with a purpose no matter what their age or limitations are.

What you stand to benefit

When patients have HealthNow as their occupational therapy provider, the benefits that they enjoy are numerous –

Our patients get the chance of being able to care for themselves in many areas.

HealthNow patients get to experience an increase in the level of confidence and self-esteem.

When you work with our occupational therapist, you get to discover safer ways to carry out your daily activities without affecting your health.

We make use of the best adaptive devices which are aimed at helping you is some life processes.

Why choose us

At HealthNow Home Healthcare, we have occupational therapists who are compassionate and have the expertise to assist you in regaining independent functionality. If you experience conditions which inhibit your mental, physical, development, and emotional processes that make it challenging for you to care for yourself and participate easily in your normal daily activities, then, HealthNow occupational therapy is what you need.

It is our sole aim to improve your functionality. HealthNow occupational therapists collaborate with clients to come up with personalized goals which are worthwhile and are geared toward reaching a positive outcome. We know how important occupational therapy is in helping patients to relearn everyday skills and carry out daily activities in the San Francisco Bay Area.