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HealthNow Home Healthcare is a leader in the provision of top-notch home healthcare services. For residents in San Mateo County, there are times when it is necessary to consider assisted living solutions and hiring the right personnel to deliver premium health-related services is crucial. Your loved ones need to feel secure and comfortable while being catered for at home. We totally understand this and our commitment to meeting and even surpassing your expectations has been our motivation.

The process which we adopt in providing the best possible care for our San Mateo County clients is hassle-free, yet efficient. If you desire our services, from the moment that you contact us, we will send our highly trained specialists to pay to a visit. There, they will conduct a detailed analysis to determine the state of your condition. This analysis will help in the formulation of a personalized care program that totally matches your needs. Of course, no two individual cases are exactly the same. The uniqueness of every home healthcare client is taken into consideration when drawing up a care plan to ensure that the best care is delivered by our HealthNow home care nurses.

Collaboration is key

To be able to take care of patients right in their homes in San Mateo County, we have a collaboration structure that incorporates both your loved ones and your doctor. We take an all-around perspective and we believe that the knowledge that we gather from them will help in the design of a customized care program that benefits you greatly.

We are San Mateo’s Best

When it comes to delivering a fantastic homecare experience, HealthNow Home Healthcare has no rival. We value the role of innovation and we always evaluate our home care processes to ensure that we are providing premium home health care solutions. Here are some of the ways that we are helping clients in San Mateo with superb home healthcare services –

  • Supportive therapies

From speech and occupational therapy to physical therapy and respite care, HealthNow Home Healthcare is actively taking great strides and implementing groundbreaking solutions in San Mateo and the entire Bay Area. Our healthcare professionals take delight in being the reason that so many persons in San Mateo County are receiving satisfactory home healthcare services.

  • Rehabilitation services

When patients get out of a serious illness, they usually need rehabilitation but cannot do it effectively on their own. HealthNow is a specialist in the delivery of rehabilitation programs that shorten the recovery time of patients who are on the journey to recovery right at the comfort of their homes.

  • Nursing services

The role that nurses play in the healthcare sector cannot be overestimated. Nurses are crucial in the operation of HealthNow and this is the reason that we hire well-trained and licensed nurses to deliver home healthcare services. Our nurses provide the best home care and establish a bond with our esteemed San Mateo County clients.

Hire HealthNow today

Regardless of the sort of healthcare services that you require in your home in San Mateo, HealthNow is up to the task. Do you have a loved one who requires specialized home healthcare services? Are you experiencing any conditions that require that you get specialized professionals to cater for you? Then, contact us today and we will –

  • Help you to grow your independence levels in record time with our personalized home healthcare program
  • Provide the needed relief you need from carrying out strenuous work in the home
  • Provide you with companionship to help you thrive emotionally.
  • Help to stimulate your mental processes
  • Provide interaction for individuals with dementia
  • Manage your diets and the kind of fluids you take in.
Contact HealthNow Today HealthNow is Bay Area's top rated and licensed Home Health and Hospice Agency.

We Offer:
  • Personalized Care Plans
  • Personalized Medical Services
  • Skilled Nursing
  • Physical, Occupational, Speech Therapy
  • Dietary Counseling
  • Medical Social Work
  • Grief and Bereavement Services
  • Spiritual and Pastoral Services
  • Hospice Care
We care for your family as our own.

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