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For residents of San Mateo County in need of superb occupational therapy services but not knowing where to turn to, HealthNow Home Healthcare is the best solution. We are leaders in the industry and have been providing a wide range of clients with our superb therapy solutions.

Occupational therapy is vital to the health

you may be confused by what occupational therapy really is. When we undertake professional processes to ensure that patients develop the ability to carry out their everyday activities independently and confidently, then, we have successfully administered occupational therapy. At HealthNow, we believe that all humans have the right to be able to carry out simple tasks every day of their lives which includes simple things such as being able to –

  • Engage in simple games
  • Consume food without assistance
  • Perform simple tasks like brushing and bathing
  • Just their own bed
  • Carryout simplified cleaning activities

Every single day, in San Mateo County, our team of experienced therapists continues to put in their best efforts to ensure that the lives of patients and families are improved. From the moment that you hire us, we will ensure that all hands are on deck, including your loved ones and your physician.

The rationale behind involving your loved ones and your physician in the occupational therapy process is so that we can come up with a comprehensive care plan that is tailored to your personal needs. Since no two individuals are exactly the same, our body systems function differently and we believe in customized occupational therapy for every individual in San Mateo County.

Unmatched commitment

by formulating a comprehensive care program, we validate our commitment to ensuring that you return back to your regular everyday routine in no time. Or processes are totally unmatched in San Mateo County and our reviews continue to help us stand out from the rest.

Have you experienced issues related to your mental or physical health recently? Not to worry as HealthNow Home Healthcare has the best occupational therapists that will help to rectify all of those issues.

Over the years, we have recorded impeccable success in building a record of successfully handling any complications that arise from injuries or diseases. This is down to our innovative treatment plans which have been designed with the best practices to ensure that our San Mateo County clients have a smooth ride to being independent.

Why choose us?

In the event that you’re skeptical about the occupational therapists to hire, the best choice is definitely HealthNow Home Healthcare. Here are the reasons –

  • Skilled therapists

We have the best occupational therapists in all of San Mateo County and they continually exhibit a commitment to providing premium occupational therapy solutions. The training and certifications that they have received speak for themselves.

  • Less stress

Now you can cut out all that stress of going to and from the hospital just to honor an appointment with your therapist. Now, we bring occupational therapy right to your doorstep in San Mateo County.

  • Affordable

The cost incurred to continue transporting yourself to and from the hospital or enroll in a nursing home is so high when compared to occupational therapy being carried out in the house. All you have to do it contact us and we will send the best occupational therapist to you

Hire us today

HealthNow has the most dedicated occupational therapists and the best part is that they have the right training. If you currently are having issues with your mobility, mental processes, emotional stability, and more, feel free to contact us today and we’ll help you with the best solution that you deserve through occupational therapy

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