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In-home health refers to the provision of healthcare services to patients (clients) in their home. This service could include in a broadway health care given by professionals. These health care skills include; occupational therapy, physical therapy, and skilled nursing care. In-home health could also include non-medical care like; assistance with daily living activities.

In-home health care could help adults, paediatrics, and seniors who are recovering from a major health problem or have stayed in a hospital for a long time. Often times, in-home health service is a short time and include; nursing, therapeutic, rehabilitative, and also assistive home health care. In-home health service is provided by these people; LPN’s (Licensed Practical Nurses), RN’s (Registered Nurses), PT (Physical Therapists), SLP’s (Speech-Language Pathologist) etc.

Benefits Of Hiring In Home Health Care Providers In San Mateo County

Most people do not actually know the importance of in-home health care service providers, we will discuss a few of the benefits/ reasons you need to hire one for that ageing or sick relative.

  1. They are always available; instead of moving your sick or aged loved one from one nursing home to another, you could hire the service of an in-home health care service provider that is capable of assessing the safety of the home.
  2. They can help with other ADL (Activities of Daily Living) services; aside from the fact that in home health care service providers have been trained to care medically and professionally for your loved one, they can also carry out certain daily living activities like; feeding, toilet hygiene, personal hygiene, brushing, and styling of hair etc. When you hire the service of an in-home health care service provider to cater to the needs of a loved one, you preserve their dignity at the same time assuring them of good health.
  3. Would help to manage clients/ patients medically; often times, sick people may be required to take multiple prescriptions. Another important reason why you need to hire the service of an in-home health care service provider is to help you manage the prescriptions as it could get confusing. Managing here means offering them the right medication at the right time to prevent any form of harmful drug interaction.
  4. Offer better health; in one research report, it was revealed that healthcare provided to sick patients in their home has proven to be far better than any other form of healthcare. The report of the research further reveals that individuals suffering from certain chronic conditions like; diabetes, pneumonia, and COPD have fared better after being introduced to in home health care.
  5. Offers one-on-one focus; in-home health care service has proven to be unique and meaningful. In recent times, it has built strong bonds between these skilled in-home caregivers and their clients. In a report published by the CCJ (Cleveland Clinical Journal), it was stated that a sick or elderly person catered for in their home would readily trust that the caregiver has his/her best interest at heart.

Services Of An In Home Health Care Service Provider In San Mateo County

Some of the services to expect from an in-home health caregiver include but are definitely not limited to these;

  1. Medical services; this could include the administration of drugs at the right time, regular check-ups and frequent reports back to the doctor, administering injections, therapeutic care, emotional support etc.
  2. ADL; an in-home health care service provider could also carry out certain daily life activities that contribute to the general well-being of the client.
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