Imagine what life would be like if you lost your ability to speak. Over time, it has been proven that speech and language are two important factors that play a huge role in the lives of everyone. For you to function wholly and effectively, these two abilities must be actively used. When people develop issues with speech, therapy is usually the best solution.

If you reside in San Mateo County and experience problems in areas such as breathing, talking, cognition, as well as swallowing and communication in general, then, speech therapy is highly recommended for you. This is the reason that we are at HealthNow Home Healthcare have brought the best speech therapy solution to patients in San Mateo County and the entire Bay Area.

HealthNow speech therapy

There are various reasons that could lead to the development of speech impairment and some of the factors which contribute to the condition include –

Patients in San Mateo County that suffer from the above-listed conditions require professional assistance to help them improve in their speech. If you live in San Mateo County, we are willing to visit your home to provide you with speech therapy and evaluations to determine the condition and draw up the best practices that would help you recover and improve.

How HealthNow speech therapy will help you

When you get in touch with us and hire our speech therapist, here are the benefits that you stand to gain –

Patients in San Mateo County that suffer from speech-related conditions may end up losing their voice which results in poor communication. With HealthNow speech therapists, we will ensure that you greatly improve my developing a louder voice

We guarantee that you will experience improvements in your speech with enhanced intelligibility when you contact us to provide you with a premium speech therapy.

Speech defects or conditions can cause a patient to speak incoherently at a fast or slow rate. This, also, stifles communication and can be quite frustrating. We assure you that when you undertake our speech therapy, we will send you the best speech therapist in the entire Bay Area to work on your speech impediment.

Our Services

At HealthNow, we undertake professional speech therapy for individuals to help them communicate their needs and improve their vocabulary. We teach grammar, tell stories, make use of social language, improve their listening skills, and enhance their ability to read and write.

We help to enhance attention, build short-term, as well as, long-term memory, improve concentration, facilitate organization, improve reasoning and problem-solving skills, enhance flexible mental processes, and improve skills in reading and writing.

HealthNow can help to improve enunciation and pronunciation of our clients. We, also, help them to decrease their foreign accent.

HealthNow provides professional help to clients who stutter, clutter, and more while helping to improve the supply of breath, pitch, and volume while reducing nasality.

HealthNow helps clients to improve in their chewing and swallowing of liquids via solids.

Why we are the best

When it comes to assisting patients in San Mateo County to take care of their speech-related problems, we are the right experts. At HealthNow Home Healthcare, we help individuals who experience issues with speaking fluently to overcome these problems to the best extent possible. All you have to do is contact us today.