Home Healthcare Service: Is Your Loved One Fit for Such Assistance?

The reality of living in a pandemic has become particularly challenging for families of older loved ones or loved ones of special needs. Family members always have full plates, gloves, sanitizers, and masks the whole time. The increased possibility of COVID-19 and what it entails for the elderly is obviously daunting to families today. Here’s how to know if your loved ones need a home healthcare service.

Types of home healthcare service

Home care health services help assist a person to live safely at home. People who need assistance to live on their own usually avail these services. Trained professionals – such as nurses, aides, and therapists – typically give these services, depending on the person’s needs. 

There are different types of service:

The first type of healthcare service is personal care and companionship. These professionals help your loved ones with daily living activities such as taking a bath, putting one’s clothes, eating, doing personal hygiene, and another task. Its goal is to assist the client to be safe and also to enable independence. 

The second type of healthcare service is known as the private duty nursing care, which is long-term and availed by clients who are usually experiencing a chronic illness or may have an injury or a disability. Trained professionals, such as nurses, respiratory therapists, and physical therapists, are hired to ensure quality care to the client. 

The third type of healthcare service is called home health care. The care offered is short-term and is physician-directed, wherein the patient will be assisted in recovering from an illness, injury, or hospital stay.

Important tips

Here are some tips you might have to consider to know that your home care health services are a fit for your loved one. 

1. Figure out what type of care your loved one needs? 

  • Mentioned above are the different types of home healthcare service. Try to look and check about what are the diverse needs of your loved one. Does he/she have a chronic illness? An injury? Or does he need assistance only for a short time or a long time? Figuring out these needs will aid you in knowing the right home care service you will need.

2. Always ask your physician about it

  • If you are considering a home healthcare service, your physician can also help you decide on what is the best fit for home care service for your loved one. Your physician will also leave important notes that are essential to the type of care needed. 

3. Consider the preference of your loved one

  • Home healthcare services’ major goal is to aid in giving the client quality health care at home. One aspect of quality health care is the ability of the caregiver to interact with his patient. 
  • Your loved one will be the one who will be with the caretaker for a long time. It is also essential to have your loved one’s opinion about who will take care of them.

4. Look for a caregiver who can easily “connect” with your loved one and family. 

  • Rapport is always a big part of having caregivers. Caregivers who can easily adjust to a situation and does his or her job with passion will ensure that your loved one is well-taken care off. 
  • The quality of health of your loved one is improving.


May it be recovering from an injury or maintaining the quality of life, an effective caregiver will aid in the betterment of your loved one’s health. A visible improvement of your loved one’s health is a good sign that your home care health service is useful. 

Choosing the right home healthcare service will enable your loved one to live and recover quickly. Giving them the best care that you want them to have. Understandably, we want to care for them ourselves. But certain situations, merely caring is not enough. This way, they get the much-needed care that they deserve. You can rest easy knowing that they are well-taken care of.

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