Types of In-Home Caregiving Services in the United States

Our elders’ age day by day. Do you know where the seniors choose to stay in comfort and safety amid COVID-19 pandemic? It’s at home, with their loved ones and healthcare worker.

According to the National Council, nine out of 10 seniors wanted to live in their homes for the next couple of years.  They prefer to stay home with their loved ones. Their choice of staying home poses a problematic condition for children. 

We are aware that providing care for our elders can sometimes be time-consuming and challenging. Giving what’s right and best for our loved ones naturally lives in us. 

Understanding in-home care services offered to our loved ones can help us plan and choose the best or right level of care for them. 

Below consists of the essential in-home care services provided in the United States.

Personal Care & Support Services

There’s a service term called “non-medical” or “private duty” elder in-home care that helps our loved one stay safe and save more. Being at home makes them comfortable, too. Families needed to save more money, as well.

 It provides companionship and assistance in daily activities or activities of daily living (ADL). 

ADLs include: 

  – Bathing;

  – Cleaning;

  – Continence;

  – Dressing;

  – Eating;

  – Toileting; and

  – Walking with assistance

Most families have too much work to do and may tend to have less time to take care of their elders. 

You don’t need to worry. An in-home senior care experts are there to rescue. 

In-Home Nursing Services

The law states that a Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse or Licensed Vocational Nurse is allowed to give hands-on care which includes education for those with unique situations. 

Specified below are in-home nursing services for our elders:

  – Education support and disease treatment for our loved ones;

  – Dressing changes;

  – Foot care;

  – Heparin Flushes;

  – Injections;

  – IV management;

  – Medication administration;

  – Medication reconciliation and doctor or pharmacist reporting;

  – Ostomy / colostomy teaching and management;

  – Tube, drain and bag management;

  – Urinary catheter management;

  – Wound care;

  – Health Assessments (blood pressure, glucose, postoperative care, etc. )

In-Home Senior Care Specialization Services

Most elders face different types of ailments or diseases that need proper treatment and attention. In-home care services evolve years after years. Treatment programs make sure our elders are given the privilege to stay safe at home with their loved ones. 

Most of the in-home care services offer a wide range of specialization, including:

  – Arthritis;

  – COPD;

  – Congestive heart failure;

  – Coronary artery disease;

  – Dementia care;

  – Diabetes;

  – Huntington’s disease;

  – Hypertension / blood pressure;

  – Joint replacement;

  – Mental health and depression;

  – Multiple sclerosis;

  – Palliative care;

  – Paraplegia and quadriplegia;

  – Parkinson’s diseasel;

  – Ventilator care;

  – Veterans care; and

  – Traumatic brain injury


Seniors don’t get any younger. They need proper care and attention from their loved ones at home. They have feelings and emotions, too. We should give what’s best for them.

For senior care programs tailored exclusively to serve your loved one’s needs in the community, you will realize that you can make sure your loved one is comfortable and safe. To learn more about your area’s senior home care services, please contact your nearest healthcare service provider.

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