Help Your Senior Loved Ones With Spring Cleaning; Here’s How!

After winter, it’s time to look forward to spring! Spring is regarded as the season of fresh starts. This is no wonder spring cleaning is an annual activity for many. Although it does not seem really fun to do chores, cleaning does have several advantages. According to experts, the spring season is an opportunity to assess and improve the conditions of our loved ones, including their homes.  A clean home will also help to reduce allergies, maximize satisfaction and boost focus.

It’s important to know the basics of how to achieve a clutter-free home for our loved ones, especially the elders. 

Senior care professionals should also know these basics to maintain a healthier and safer home for them. 

Spring cleaning is not a big deal for strong and young people.  But for the weak and the aged, the routine can be tough.  So, this job is mostly for people who are strong enough to handle the task. 

Cleaning with the seniors

Taking the opportunity to keep your house packed and tidy while the weather warms up. Below are tips on how to manage cleaning in the simplest way possible:

1. Have a plan

Create your list of areas where you need to accomplish tasks first. 

Disseminate this plan to your loved ones, including the seniors, so that they can suggest or add more to it. 

Spring cleaning is more exciting when you’re with family than working alone. 

2. Invite over friends or relatives in the activity 

Two are better than one, as they say. 

Working as a team can bring in laughter and energy while doing the tasks. 

Also, getting together for spring cleaning can be a little reunion as well. 

After the tasks, invite them over for a meal as a way to thank and appreciate them for participating in the activity. 

3. Involve Your Loved One

For every task we do, it is important to engage with our loved ones. 

During reorganizing, make sure the presence of our elders or seniors are there. 

For sure, they will suggest or ask us to classify the things that need to be disposed of or kept. 

Listening to their suggestions is a way of supporting them emotionally.

So, let’s be more understanding and patient when they are around during the activity. 

4. Get rid of trash first

The first and basic step to ensure the safety of our loved ones at home. 

After spring cleaning your items, you’ll notice that it’s easier to move. 

Dispose of items that are unused or damaged. 

Check for furniture or appliances if they’re still working or not. 

5. Dispose of expired items 

Be careful with this one. 

Always check for the expiration date of food or medication to keep our loved ones safe from danger or complications. 

Make sure to clean thoroughly, look for other expired items, and dispose of them immediately. 

Give your senior loved ones with some support

Aside from making spring cleaning a breeze, a little extra aid throughout the house during the year will help lower tension and offer vital care for your aging loved ones. Your experienced, compassionate home healthcare helpers provide a range of services to help your loved ones stay happy, healthy and independent. Read more about our senior home care services here. Contact your local branch of providers to see how senior care can help your family.

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