Home care and healthcare staffing services are all offered by HealthNow Healthcare. The company has more than 300 franchises across the United States, employing nurses, aides, therapists, companions and other healthcare professionals. They deliver 25 million hours of home care to 190,000 patients every year.

In-Home Care

Our in-home care services tend to be the most cost-effective care and it is generally favored by the patients as well. Healthcare professionals provide the medical care, while our expert care professionals assist patients with their daily tasks such as meal preparation, hygiene tasks and basic housekeeping. Home care is available from anyone who could benefit from the services, whether they are pediatrics or seniors.

Healthcare Supplemental Staffing

Healthnow Healthcare franchises provide temporary, contract and permanent staff to clients with employment needs across the country. They can deliver their services in various locations, such as nursing homes, hospitals, schools, prisons, clinics and physician offices. HealthNow Healthcare Travel Staffing also provides travel opportunities to healthcare professionals.