When discharged from a hospital, nursing home or rehabilitation center , patients and their family often think that the most difficult part of recovery is over. While it is good to be home, it is also the start of a new and different life routine. Whether the patient will be readmitted often depends on the organization, effort and awareness that is undertaken to ensure a safe recovery. Many families choose home care services form HealthNow Home Healthcare to ensure that the patient is receiving the best possible care.

One in four people over the age of 65 have a chronic disease and those with more than one have the greatest risk of returning to hospital. Heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes and coronary artery disease are some of the most common and dangerous conditions in older age.

HealthNow Home Healthcare offers a range of services that help to reduce re-admissions to healthcare facilities.

HealthNow Home Healthcare services ensure that the patient and family:

  • Know the expectations involved in transitioning back to their home.
  • Know what prescriptions the patient will need to continue when they are discharged. This should include an RN home visit (under home health benefit or private pay) for the purpose of medication reconciliation and discussing instructions and dosages.
  • Have a system in place so that the patient is taking the correct medications in the right time and at the right dosages.
  • Know the signs and symptoms to look for to indicate if their condition is getting worse. To know who and when to call in order to get the right treatment to stay out of the hospital if possible.
  • Can take the patient to visit their doctor within 14 days of their discharge.