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Speech disorders are common to people of different ages. Children and adults can have trouble saying sounds clearly. The latter makes it difficult to understand what they intend to say and what they actually say. A child who does not say sounds by the expected age may have a speech sound disorder and if he/she is not treated it may result in weaknesses in intelligibility, reading, writing, and phonemic awareness and other disabilities. Children and adults who have difficulties with answering questions, following directions, pointing to objects and pictures, understanding what others mean when they use gestures, and knowing how to take turns communicating with others may have a receptive language disorder. For comparison, Children and adults who have difficulties asking and answering questions, naming objects, using gestures, putting words together, learning songs/rhymes, and knowing how to start a conversation may have an expressive language disorder. The latter may impact young children as seen by limited verbalizations, older children through difficulties with grammar and making narratives, and young adults in language use, code and written narratives.

You have probably had problems with your voice at some time. Maybe you had a cold and “lost” your voice. Maybe you cheered too much for your favorite team and had a hoarse voice for a few days after. Some voice problems last for a short time while others may last even longer. Chronic voice difficulties may be caused by vocal fold nodules, polyps, or paralysis, or resonance disorders, airflow or neurological conditions.

Major types of speech disorders include the following ones:

Voice disorders, disorders of language development, Articulatory disorders Cluttering, Articulatory disorders Cluttering, Stuttering, or stammering, Dysphasia and aphasia, Symptomatic speech disorders, Symptomatic speech disorders, Shaking palsy, Intellectual disability, Language and mental disorder, Language and mental disorder, Speech impediments from defective articulators, Tongue-tie, Loss of tongue, Nasal speech, Cleft palate speech.

If the following symptoms are seen while talking, our specialist will help to stop t he further development if speech disorders:

  • repeating sounds, which is most often seen in people who stutter,
  • adding extra sounds and words while speaking,
  • elongating words while speaking,
  • making jerky movements of body parts while talking, usually involving the head,
  • eye blinking several times while talking,
  • visible frustration when trying to communicate,
  • taking frequent pauses when talking,
  • distorting sounds when talking,
  • Hoarseness, or speaking with a raspy or gravelly sounding voice.

Treatment directed to speech disorders healing varies and depends on the type of disorder. In speech therapy, our Marin County professional therapist will guide you through exercises that work to strengthen the muscles in your face and throat. Patients will learn and taught to control their breathing while speaking. Special muscle-strengthening exercises and controlled breathing help improve the way your words sound. Professionals from Health Now Home Healthcare will also teach patients to ways of practicing smoother and more fluent speech.

Along with speech disorders some people experience nervousness, embarrassment, and even depression. Our Marin County therapy talk will be helpful in these situations. A therapist will discuss ways to cope with the condition and ways to improve the outlook of your condition. If the patients’ depression is severe, antidepressant medications can help.

If the speech disorders are not treated it may cause a person to experience also a great deal of anxiety. Over time, this anxiety can trigger anxiety disorders or a phobia of speaking in public. Early treatment for anxiety is essential for helping to prevent the development of anxiety disorders or phobias. Treatment options include talk therapy and anti-anxiety medications.

Don’t let your relatives suffer or feel lack of communication as a result of having speech disorders. If you see any of the symptoms mentioned, urgently apply for diagnosis and further treatment if needed as the condition will cause severe results that will stop you and your relatives to live in normal way without feeling any boundaries.

Our speech therapist from Marin County will provide all the mentioned above services taking into consideration the individualism of your relative as well as providing special programs based on the reason and current behavior of the patient. The future of your relatives is in your heands.

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