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What is Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy is an intervention service that focuses on improving a child’s speech and abilities to understand and express language, including nonverbal language. training to help people with speech and language problems to speak more clearly.

Types of speech disorder.

  1. Stuttering which is also known as stammering is a speech disorder via which the flow of speech is affected by involuntary repetitions & prolongations of words, sounds, phrases or syllables. This could include involuntary block and pauses.
  2. Dysarthria this is a symptom of muscle or nerve damage. It results to slowed speech, slurred speech, limited jaw, tongue, or lip movement, unnatural rhythm & pitch when speaking, depreciation in voice quality, laboured speech, difficulty articulating, and other related symptoms which can make speeches difficult to understand. Common causes of dysarthria include nervous system (neurological) disorders such as facial paralysis, stroke, brain tumour.
  3. Lisping is a speech disorder surmized by the inability of the patient to correctly pronounce the sounds of z or s, also known as the sibilant consonants.
  4. Selective Mutism is when a person, who is capable of speaking, refuses to speak in certain social environments or people due to factors like relative Trauma. Selective mutism is related to psychology as It appears in children who are very shy, who have an anxiety disorder, or who are going through a period of social withdrawal and also isolation.
  5. Apraxia of speech (AOS) is a motor speech disorder which impairs the patient’s ability to speak. It is an acquired oral disorder affecting a person’s ability to convert conscious speech plans to motor plans.

Other types of speech disorder include

  • Spasmodic Dysphonia
  • Cluttering
  • Aphasia
  • Speech Delay – Alalia
  • Issues Related with Autism.

What does a speech Therapist do?

A speech therapist can help children with speech difficulties in cases of dyslexia and dyspraxia. If your child is having difficulties reading and speaking, a speech therapist is recommended as many people think only people who stutter and lisp require a therapist. Speech therapy can help with problems like fluency, articulation, oral and resonance.

How can Healthnow Home Health care help?

Here in HealthNow Home healthcare, we believe Speech and language are important for independence and being able to function in our society. Speech therapists can help patients who have difficulty with swallowing, breathing, or speaking allowing them to regain control of part of their lives. Speech therapists can help those who suffer from:

  • A stroke
  • A heart attack
  • Difficulty speaking and swallowing.

Speech Therapists can help in language intervention activities, feeding and swallowing Therapy and articulation therapy. Speech-language pathologists are trained professionals with the ability to improve or restore function in these areas.

These Professionals have at least a Master’s degree and your child or even yourself have never been in better hands here at HealthNow Home healthcare.

Speech therapy can help you kids speak more clearly and confidently, thereby expressing themselves better. One must have in mind that speech therapy isn’t a quick fix and one must participate in exercises at home.

Benefits of Home care speech therapy

People feel most comfortable in their homes and everything they need is nearby. Some patients may suffer from anxiety and thus would be more cooperative in their comfort zone and maximum results can be yielded. Therapy will be less disruptive for bathroom, medication, or food breaks.

Another benefit is that patients on items and belongings can be used in lessons and would enable them to pick up faster.

It would also save the hassle of mobility and beneficial to those with a lack of transportation, thereby reducing physical activities as such, giving the client enough energy to participate in sessions.

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