The big role which speech and language have in the lives of every human cannot be quantified. For any individual to be fully independent, these two abilities have to be present. Then again, an individual must be able to function effectively. People who experience problems in their speech, as well as their language, must find ways to enroll in speech therapy. If you live in Alameda County and are experiencing problems with breathing, swallowing, cognition, voice, communication, and speaking, then, HealthNow home healthcare is here for you.

Best speech therapy solutions for Alameda County

Speech-related conditions may result due to a stroke, injuries to the head, respiratory conditions, medical issues, aging, degenerative conditions, surgery, and more. At HealthNow, we are totally committed to providing professional assistance to patients in Alameda County who have speech-related problems to help them in their journey to take back control of their lives. If you live in Alameda County, we are willing to visit your home to provide you with speech therapy and assessments to ascertain the condition and determine the best processes that would help us achieve the best results for you.

With our comprehensive speech therapy services, patients in Alameda have experienced benefits which include –

Our speech therapy Services

At HealthNow, we provide our valued patients in Alameda County with a wide range of assessment and treatment services. Our clients range from adolescents to fully grown adults who are experiencing challenges in speech, cognition, neurology, language, and voice. We understand that these challenges can be linked to nature or may have resulted from a stroke, injury to the brain, diseases, or other forms of neurological problems. Also, for persons who desire to modify their foreign accent, HealthNow is here for you. Have a peek at our outstanding speech therapy Alameda County services –

Language therapy

At HealthNow, we undertake professional speech therapy for individuals to help them communicate their needs and improve their vocabulary. We teach grammar, tell stories, make use of social language, improve their listening skills, and enhance their ability to read and write.

Cognitive therapy

We help to enhance attention, build short-term, as well as, long-term memory, improve concentration, facilitate organization, improve reasoning and problem-solving skills, enhance flexible mental processes, and improve skills in reading and writing.

Articulation therapy & Accent modification

HealthNow can help to improve enunciation and pronunciation of our clients. We, also, help them to decrease their foreign accent.

Fluency & Voice therapy

HealthNow provides professional help to clients who stutter, clutter, and more while helping to improve the supply of breath, pitch, and volume while reducing nasality.

Swallowing therapy

HealthNow helps clients to improve in their chewing and swallowing of liquids via solids.

Meet our Therapists

HealthNow Home Healthcare has a wide range of trained speech-language therapists in Alameda County who are licensed and are willing to come to your home wherever you are in the Alameda. We analyze and develop customized therapy sessions to match with the needs of our clients as we endeavor to help them to enhance their communication skills. Feel free to contact us today and we will be willing to provide you with the best speech therapy.

Why we are the best

We are experts in helping our clients in Alameda County to manage their speech-related problems. if you experience problems with your accent, stuttering, making a slurred speech, acute stuttering, difficulties with making skilled movements that are necessary for speech, aphasia, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, vocal cord problems, brain injury, Alzheimer’s, and more.