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When a person gets older to the extent that his or her functioning abilities start reducing, what can one do? Before you rush into a decision, it is important to understand that out of every type of South bay senior care, home care is ranked as the most favorable.

Statistics have shown that about ninety percent of older adults prefer to opt for home care than the institutional care. This means that they prefer their South bay senior care is done at home by a professional. This is where Health Now comes into the equation, as we have a league of professionals, who understand how to properly carry out South bay senior care duties.

Why Should You Consider Home Care Over Institutionalized Care

  1. Nowhere is as great as home.

A lot of older adults would prefer to stay at home all their lives, surrounded by memories and things they are familiar with to being taken to an institution filled with strangers.

With the recent studies that nine out of ten older persons prefer home care, it is only wise you grant them this. It doesn’t matter how busy the family members may be, as long as you have a South bay senior caregiver around to ensure the older adult is properly taken care of, then there is nothing to worry about.

  1. Home care allows the older adult to be around his family regularly

When an older adult is taken to an elderly home, there is a great chance he will rarely see his family. The love of family helps in every situation, even when a person is  suffering from an ailment. Sometimes, family members may be unable to offer the assistance that an older adult needs, what then can be done? Instead of taking the older adult to an elderly facility, and deprive him of regular contact with family, a professional South bay senior caregiver can be employed to offer assistance at home.

A lot of families dread the thought of taking their elderly family member to an elderly facility. They begin to wonder if they can survive without him or her. That’s where Health Now comes into play. With our well trained south bay senior caregiver, you rest assured that your older family member will be taken care of at home.

  1. When an elderly person has access to home care, his or her independence is maintained.

A lot of older persons would do anything they can, not to get sent to an elderly facility because their independence will be stripped off. Health Now has in its employ, the best South Bay senior caregivers that are at hand to ensure that the older adult can live and function where he or she is familiar with, at home.

  1. Allowing an elderly person stay at home increases the health of the person

Staying with those one loves has a way of increasing the health of a person. The same can be said for senior citizens. When an older adult is surrounded by family, his or her health is known to be maintained or improves drastically. With our professional south bay senior caregiver, older adults can live at home, and bask in good health and love of the family.

  1. Home care prevents institutional life for a long time.

When an older adult lives in an elderly facility, it can be very intimidating because they are in unfamiliar environments. A lot of older adults would do anything to postpone a long-term care facility as long as they can, and this is where our well trained south bay senior caregivers to come to the aid.

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