South Bay Physical Therapist

The success of a therapeutic experience is based on the comfort that exists between the therapist and client, as well as the trust level. This is why Health Now has a team of South Bay physical therapists that nurture the level of trust their patients have for them, as well as making sure they are comfortable.

Health Now, from experience, knows that patients get the best results when they are in a very secure surrounding. This ideal environment allows them to heal and open themselves up.

There is hardly any place that a person feels more comfortable than their homes, and that’s why Health Now offers home physical therapy.

The feeling around the home is usually known to be inviting, warm and welcoming, meaning patients feel at ease there more than any office can be. Research has shown that patients heal faster when they undergo physical therapy at home than even in the most inviting office.

This is one reason that Health Now employs home physical therapists that are capable of using the advantages of the home surrounding to help their patients be rehabilitated.

With our South Bay physical therapists, you can feel at ease and at home in your home, which is your safe haven.

Home-Based Therapy: Great For Those Who Are Unwilling Or Unable To Seek Outside Therapeutic Help

A lot of persons are either unwilling or unable to get the needed physical therapy, and that’s where Health Now South Bay Physical Therapists come into the scenario.

Since home physical therapy is loved by those that fall into the aforementioned class, Health Now makes sure that they get the same regimen as those that take outside physical therapy. The effects usually are different from the home physical therapy sessions rearing better results.

What To Expect In Our Home Therapy Sessions

Home physical therapy sessions bear some resemblance to traditional therapy, being that there is a schedule. It could be weekly or can be decided by the physician based on what’s on the ground. During the time of the home physical therapy, only those that are involved in the session are allowed to be around to prevent any form of distraction.

Many South Bay home physical therapists would advise that the home is vacated for that period of time, or distractions of any kind are stopped until after the physical therapy to ensure results are yielded.

When this is not possible, those in the house during that time are expected to be in a different room to ensure the physical therapist has some privacy with the patient.

Our home physical therapists usually have partners. Why is this so? Health Now wants positive results quickly, hence a partner is there to offer extra support while the physical therapy session is ongoing. If our patient doesn’t feel comfortable working with two strangers, a family member can be allowed to participate. We do everything to put our patients at ease.

The physical therapist tutors the family member on how to behave to ensure the therapeutic session is successful.

While there, the home physical therapist tries to look at the living conditions of the client, as well as the support team to see if alterations have to be made.

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