South Bay Occupational Therapist

It is not news that those living with disabilities, mental disorders need to be reintegrated into society, and this is where Occupational Therapy- OT- comes into the equation.

Occupational therapy involves the use of an intervention to ensure that individuals are able to both develop and maintain their daily activities and occupations.

Health Now has a league of licensed and well trained south bay occupational therapists that have worked with numerous patients over the years, helping them to be reintegrated into the society.

Some Common Occupational Therapy Interventions

Our South Bay Occupational Therapists work with different persons of varying ages, and conditions, and help them to be able to participate fully in daily activities. An example includes our working with kids living with disabilities in a bid to ensure that they can fully participate in social situations and school. That’s not all, our licensed south bay occupational therapists take it up a notch by offering injury rehabilitation.

We also offer the necessary support for older adults that are currently facing changes in their cognitive and physical aspects.

Every south bay occupational therapist under our employ is a university educated expert that has passed a licensing exam. Our South Bay Occupational Therapists usually work with other experts in physical therapy, nursing, medicine, audiology, speech therapy, social work, as well as clinical psychology.

What do occupational therapists do?

Working With Kids

Our licensed occupational therapists ensure that kids reach developmental milestones like hand-eye coordination and even fine motor skills.

They also help in educating caregivers and parents on how they can promote the development of the kids.

Rehabilitation and aged care:

When our occupational therapists work with adults, they help to improve their daily activities after some events like stroke or hip replacement.

That is not all, as they take it up a notch by helping to alter the home of the clients to heighten their independence and safety.

They are also involved in educating their carers and clients on how to make use of the necessary adaptive equipment in a bid to improve their function.

Acute care:

Our South Bay Occupational Therapists offer specialist interventions in those conditions such as acute mental health, surgery and so on.

Health Now licensed occupational therapists go-ahead to assess the psychosocial, function and cognitive needs of our clients.

Before a client is discharged from the hospital, we help to monitor the progress and function of the clients, while prescribing the necessary adaptive equipment to ensure that they are safe after discharge.

Injury management:

Our licensed south bay occupational therapists make use of specialised assessments to help find the capacity of our clients to return to their jobs.

They go ahead to help design and monitor the return to their work programs.

As part of their job description, they help to educate their clients on the right work practices.

They also try to alter the work environment of their clients to ensure that it is fitted for their needs to reduce or prevent injuries.

All in all, it is important that a licensed south bay occupational therapists be employed for optimal rehabilitation.

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