South Bay Home Nursing

When a person is out of surgery and recovering, he or she needs home nursing. When a person is suffering from a disability, mental disorder, injury or old age, there is a great chance that South Bay home nursing will be needed.

Health Now has a team of licensed nurses that are involved in home nursing of persons suffering from any ailment. The specialized nurse works with the physician in tailoring plans that would ensure that the patient recovers quickly. Under the licensed nurse is a home health aide that helps to take care of the patient, from bathing, dressing down to meals.

Home health nursing is an aspect of nursing that involves multidimensional home care services to patients, not minding how old they are.

It is seen as more affordable when healthcare is concerned, and it is done in the comfort of one’s home.

Our South Bay Home Nurses And Their Plans

Depending on the condition of a patient, our south bay home nurses craft out plans to ensure that our patients receive the best healthcare. The plans could be rehabilitative, therapeutic or even preventative, based on the diagnosis of the client.

Our South Bay Home Nurses As Supervisors

Our home health nurses also act as a supervisor to our home health aides and certified nursing assistants. This is done to ensure that the medications are given out properly. Once side effects are noticed for any medication, the home nurse communicates the information to the primary physician and implements whatever alterations that have to be made.

The home nurses ensure that proper hygiene is carried out. In most cases, patients may be unable to bath themselves or even clean their surroundings. The home nurses ensure the hygiene of the patient and the surroundings are in optimum condition to avoid an outbreak of infection.

The home nurses ensure that the home health aides serve meals with the right nutritional needs to the patient because it is known that some types of foods can boost and heal a person faster than others. Working with the dietitian, the home nurses ensure that any changes are implemented.

The home nurses ensure that every duty of the home health aide is carried out properly to ensure that the living conditions of the patient are optimal.

Every home nurse at Health Now is currently licensed and a registered member of HHNA- Home Healthcare Nurses Association, a professional nursing body.

Our home nursing is intended for those clients that are residing in South Bay, that can be discharged, but are in need of professional nursing personnel to continuously look at and oversee his or her daily activities.

Our In-Home Nursing Services

Health Now has a lot of home nurses that can stay throughout the day or some hours of the day, depending on the needs of the patient.

The home nurses are involved in individualized care, taking care of only a person for as long as necessary. These home nurses can live with you for months, depending on the plan put in place to get you back to normal.

Our home nurses are also involved in specialized Nursing like a pressure sore management, stoma care, wound care, management of urinary catheter, monitoring of the tracheostomy tube, and lots more.

Our nurses are capable of handling symptomatic and pain management.

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