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Home health care is care dedicated to ensuring a person that has special needs can live in their apartment. Home health care is meant for those that are older adults, suffering from a chronic ailment, or out of surgery and recovering, or even disabled. At Healthy Now, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients have access to the best South bay home health care.

South bay home health care typically includes:

  • Personal care. This can involve taking care of the general hygiene of a person, and it could be washing your hair, bathing, or being helped to get dressed.
  • Homemaking. It could be homemaking, and it includes delivering of meals, yard work, cleaning, as well as laundry.
  • Cooking or delivering meals. It could involve preparing meals. Health Now has professionals that are versed in South Bay home health care facilities.

Types of Home Health Care Services

Health Now has on its team, a lot of South Bay home health care professionals that offer a wide range of home health care services. It is important to know that the number of home health care services currently available are a lot. It, to a large extent, depends on the current situation of the person, and it could be specialized medical services like workups and even nursing care.

Your physician, looking at your condition will decide what care services that you should opt for, but some of the South Bay home health care services are:

Doctor care.

This usually means a doctor visiting you at home for regular treatments and checkups. From time to time, he or she tries to review the patient’s home health care needs. Health Now has doctors that can work with your current physician in reviewing the needs.

Nursing care.

This is a very common kind of home health care used by a lot of South Bay residents, though the type opted for is dependant on the needs of the person.

While consulting with the physician, the registered nurse from Health Now creates a plan for the care. Usually, nursing care can involve ostomy care, wound dressing, pain control, watching the patient’s state, intravenous therapy, as well as administering medication.

Occupational, physical therapy Or speech therapy.

As a result of an ailment, accident or others, some patients may have to relearn how their daily activities are done. Some have to undergo speech therapy to heighten their ability to speak because of an injury or illness.

An occupational therapist can help someone that is just out of surgery to decide if they can function in their workplace or not, or if adjustments have to be done.

A physical therapist from Health Now can be consulted to help create a plan that will aid a patient in improving their muscular use, and the use of their joints.

Care from home health aides. Home health aides from Health now are great at helping patients carry out their daily activities. Not only do they help them in walking, or dressing, our specialized home health aides offer a lot more advanced care while being supervised by a nurse.

Nutritional support.

Health Now currently has a host of dietitians that offer dietary guidance to patients, in a bid to ensure they consume meals that meet their nutritional needs. The meal one consumes can go a long way to improve the health of someone out of surgery, a person suffering from mental disorders or others.

Laboratory and X-ray imaging

There are currently some types of lab years like urine tests that can be done from one’s home. What of those portable X-ray machines lab technicians can use to carry out imaging from their home?

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