No wants to get sick, but when it occurs, what can you do? It is important that you opt for a home Medicare, especially after being discharged from the hospital but still in need of home care.

Health Now has worked with a lot of patients, from those who are recovering from a surgery, those who are suffering from a mental or physical ailment to others that need home Medicare. We have noticed that those who opt for home medicare are more likely to heal faster than those institutionalized. Why is this so?

When a patient is surrounded by those that love him or her, it is quite easy for the person to heal. When a patient is living in a familiar environment, he or she starts to feel at ease.

Our South Bay Home Medicare Services

Medical Consultation

With our team of medical experts, Health Now has been known to continuously review the illnesses and treatments of our clients. We monitor the changes in our patients, and communicate them to their primary physician.

When it is seen that the plan has to be changed, we hold a conversation with the primary physician, family members and other medical experts on the review.

Management of chronic diseases

Health Now has a team of licensed professionals that work with those suffering from chronic ailments. The experts help to manage those chronic diseases by ensuring medications are properly taken, the surrounding of the patient is conducive and healthy, and the meal consumed by the patient meets the nutritional needs.

We take it up a notch by ensuring complications are prevented. For a person that is out of surgery or suffering from an acute ailment, there is a probability that complications may occur if not handled properly. Our well tailored home medicare ensures that nothing like such happen. Once any side effect or complication is sighted, it is immediately conveyed to the primary physician and necessary health personnel for proper alterations.

Individualized medical management

Health Now manages the health of a lot of patients in an individualised manner, meaning that a nurse takes care of a patient without another patient being around. It is different from a long term care facility or hospital where the medical experts have to take care of many patients at once, hence do not give the individualized medical management that many health conditions crave for.

Help In Providing Travel Medicine Information As Well As Precautions

Our home medical experts can help those patients that plan on traveling. Sometimes, our licensed specialists travel with patients to ensure that the right precautions and medications are done.

If the medical expert won’t travel with the patient, he or she will go ahead to educate the patient and companion on what precautions to take to prevent any complications, and what medications should be taken to put the patient at ease while travelling.

There Are No Expensive Medical Bills

Statistics has gone on to show that home medicare bills are usually not as expensive as long term care facilities, and even hospitals.

The home medicare team usually involves a lot of experts based on the needs of the clients. The home medicare experts a person suffering from mental disorder may need may be different from one recovering from an invasive surgery. Before we send a medicare expert to you, we first consider your diagnosis and treatment plan, and match them to the necessary experts.

Not minding what the need of the patient may be, every home medicare team member is dedicated to ensuring that the health and confidence of our patients are increased.

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