South Bay Caregiver

Health Now has under its employ a lot of professional South bay Caregivers that help people lead a normal life, especially those that are old, suffering from a chronic ailment or a mental disorder.

Our South bay caregivers have been trained to take care of those who are unable to fully take care of themselves. As a professional caregiver, you rest assured that every aspect of the person is taken care of, from his or diet, clothing, medication, health and others.

Who Needs Our Professional South bay Caregivers

Anyone who may be having problems taking care of himself or herself totally because of failing health, grief, depression, loss of memory, a condition that has taken the control of the body, the beginning of an ailment, and so on.

Our South bay caregivers understand every aspect of their jobs, and their general duties are highlighted below.

Eating assistance

We understand that everyone needs a healthy diet, and sometimes, some diets have to be tailored to meet the requirements from a dietitian because of the health condition of a person. Our professional caregivers understand this and work for hand in hand with medical professionals to ensure that people take care to consume only healthy meals.

Based on the recommendations of medical personnel, our South bay caregivers help to monitor the body weight, ensure diets are tailored to meet recommendations and restrictions, help those suffering from difficulty in eating, scheduling mealtimes in a  pleasant manner, and helping those they care of with dietary supplements if required.

Our caregivers understand that healthy diet translates to everything that ensures the nutritional needs of the person are met.

The dangers of not having a healthy diet can’t be overemphasised, that’s why only caregivers that are well trained should be sought for.

Our Caregivers Are Good Communicators

When getting a caregiver, a lot of people forget that they should opt for those that have great communicating skills. This will ensure that the South bay caregiver can easily communicate with the person that is being taken care of. Whatever a person needs, our professional caregivers are at hand to help get that done.

Every Care Giver Respect Those He Is Taking Care Of

The dignity of those that our caregivers take care of can’t be joked with. Every caregiver under Health Now employ has been taught to always treat their clients with dignity, no matter the condition of the person.

Remains In Contact With The Client’s Doctors And Other Medical Personnel

Since our caregivers have a background in health and medical sciences, it is quite easy for them to hold a conversation with the primary health provider of a client like a nurse or a doctor. While taking care of the person, and our caregiver notices any change, even the minute ones, he or she immediately communicate it to the doctor. Whatever changes that may be made to the medications can always be communicated to our caregivers, and they will ensure the changes are effected without delays.

Keep The Hygiene Of The Person

There are some conditions that a person may be in that would prevent him or her from taking care of himself or herself. That is where our professional caregivers come into the equation.

Our South bay caregivers are trained to ensure that the person’s personal hygiene is always taken care of. There will be regular washing of hands, showering, dry cleaning of clothes and lots more.

Our caregivers are involved in ensuring that every aspect is taken care of

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