Physical therapy is provided as subservice of the home health care services. When the seniors are recovering from illness or injury or are under home health care observation, the doctors will evaluate the condition whether or not they require physical therapy treatment.  However, Physical Therapy has shown beneficial results in various conditions that affect the elder people. This can lead to serious injury and the patient may require proper physical care.

Patients maintain their independence by gaining back their strength and endurance. The physical therapy is designed with the aim of regaining the flexibility, restoring and improvising functionality as well as increasing mobility so that the patient can accomplish their everyday task with a high degree of independence.
Physical therapy is helpful in retaining the independence of the patient when they are facing long-term health problems or to improvise their general health and mobility. Physical therapy for seniors can make their daily tasks and activities easier and also allow them to stay independent. Physical therapists of Alameda county can help the aged patients in recovering from a variety of conditions including the below ones:-

• A Fall
• Joint pain
• Problem with balance
• Stroke
• Osteoarthritis
• Heart failure
• Difficulty walking
• Heart Attack
• Heart Failure
• Hip or knee replacement surgery
• Any Noticeable decline in function

How physical therapist can help you?

At HealthNow home health care, we have professional physical therapists of Alameda County who firstly diagnose the problem and then treat it according to the patient’s medical problem or health issues. They create a plan by using different combination of approaches and techniques while focusing on increasing the person’s mobility, reducing pain and restore function. The first goal of our physical therapist is to reduce the pain and swelling. After this, they combine different techniques which may include lifting weights, walking, stretching, performing different exercises etc. to improvise flexibility, strength and coordination & balance of the patient.

The therapy can be provided at home which not only feel comfortable and relaxing for the senior patient but also help in speed up their recovery after illness, surgery or injury.  If you are looking for Physical Therapy services at home in Alameda County for seniors then contact HealthNow home health care to have best care from the highly experienced medical professionals.