In contrast to the regular traditional services that you get with in-home care, HealthNow Home Healthcare has skilled nurses who offer personalized medical care. We work with only registered nurses (RNs), as well as, Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) who have been certified to participate in the provision of this form of care right in the home of the patient.

HealthNow’s private nurses are skilled in the provision of personalized care in an environment that is comfortable while taking steps to nurture trust and loyalty between themselves and the clients. All nurses provide patients with direct care at their homes while taking the time to educate them and their loved ones regarding the kind of care and treatment that they provide. Then again, they efficiently monitor the kind of care that patients receive and ensure that all steps are accurately followed to ensure an effective treatment plan.

Why we are the top home nursing providers

At HealthNow Home Healthcare, we offer top-notch home nursing services that provide families with the peace of mind that they need. We are able to achieve this through the provision of coaching, as well as, comprehensive support two patients who probably are making the transition from a hospital or nursing facility.

First, we will consult the physicians at the facility about the patient before the discharge and, also, during the discharge process. Then, we will continue to keep up with the patient once they get to their homes in order to ensure that every recommendation is adhered to and that the recovery process takes place as originally planned.

We offer unrivaled nursing services in the home in the entire bay area and we have our staff always on standby to receive your calls and attend to all your inquiries all around there.

Our home nursing services

At HealthNow Home Healthcare, we offer premium in-home nursing services as follows –

  • Wound care management
  • Comprehensive education with respect to diseases and treatments
  • Comprehensive health evaluations such as monitoring patients blood pressure, levels of glucose, telemonitoring, monitoring after operations
  • IV management
  • Training, as well as, management of ostomy & colostomy
  • Medical reports and reconciliation of medications
  • Medication administration
  • Injections
  • Care for the foot
  • Management of tubes, drains, and bags.
  • Management of urinary catheter

How our nursing services will benefit you

At HealthNow, our nurses provide patients with direct care at their homes while taking the time to educate them and their loved ones regarding the kind of care and treatment that they provide. Some ways in which our top-notch services can benefit patients are –

  • Patients get the chance to make a transition from the hospital to their own homes quicker
  • They do not always have to visit the hospital or even nursing homes
  • Clients get to be more comfortable while at home while still getting support from their loved ones
  • You can have their families around them during challenging situations which help to boost their morale
  • The chances of recovery are higher at home than elsewhere
  • patients enjoy increased levels of independence while receiving care in their own home
  • The cost of nursing care in the home is much more affordable than other methods of care

Contact us today

At HealthNow, we hire only the best professional nurses and put them through a rigorous interview, screening, and background check process in line with regulations to ensure that we have the right experts on our team. Then again, we provide training and supervision while ensuring that our clients get the best-matched nurses for their case. Simply contact us today for the best in-home nursing services in the entire bay area.