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Gone are those days when a person in need of help, or a caregiver had to make do with those that are not well trained in the art and science of caregiving. Gone are those days when you had to settle for those that barely understood what caregiving was, and what should be done.

Health Now now offers residents in North Bay that are in need of caregiving, the opportunity to have access to top-notch quality. Every North bay caregiver that works with Health Now has been trained to understand every aspect of caregiving, especially the medical aspect.

Not only do you have a North bay caregiver that is at hand to ensure your needs or that of your loved one is taken care of, but the caregiver also acts as a nurse and understand how important the health of the person is.

Health Now North bay caregiver understands that a person suffering from a disease, going through old age, or currently having a mental disorder, and is in need of caregiving, doesn’t make the person less than a human.

The typical duties that are well trained North bay caregivers currently carry out are:

Taking care of a person with a chronic ailment or old age. There comes a time in a person’s life when he or she may be helpless because of a chronic ailment, mental disorder or old age, and is in need of professional caregiving. What then can be done? Instead of rushing to the yellow papers and opting for those, who understand caregiving as only nannying, it is important you opt for the best that knows that caregiving may incorporate nannying, but it is more than that by far.

Managing the medication:

It is of great importance that a person with a condition or the other properly takes his or her pills, and that’s where the caregiver comes in. Our caregivers are trained to follow the prescriptions to the later, ensuring their schedules are met without stress. The North bay caregiver ensures that the medications are never missed or mixed up. When the medications are running low, he or she is always around to draw the attention of the medical personnel like a doctor to it.

 Talking to the medical personnel:

Since our caregivers are thoroughly trained, they easily understand medical terms and can speak without fear of nurses and doctors. No one with a condition will want a caregiver that can’t have a conversation with their doctors without understanding. This is where our well trained North bay caregivers come into the equation, as they are always at hand to intimate the doctors of any development on your behalf.

Helping To Bathe Or Dress The Person

If the person is disabled or frail, our caregivers are always at hand to help them bathe and dress the person. Our North bay caregivers are discrete in everything they do.

Taking Care Of Household Chores

Depending on the contract we have with the person, our caregivers understand that, sometimes, they will be in charge of the household chores of the person they are taking care of.

Some chores can be making meals for the person, ensuring that he or she eats what has been prescribed by the doctor and avoid those meals that are frowned at.

Our North bay caregivers go-ahead to help take care of the bills for a person that can’t do them himself or herself. Our caregivers have been taught to help a person run his life as he would do.

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