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HealthNow Home Healthcare is a passionate and committed provider of Home Speech Therapist to patients in Hayward.

Is it accurate to say that you are encountering trouble in breathing, talking as well as gulping? A speech therapist can enable you to recapture your breathing, speech and gulping capacities.

Now and again, extraordinary harm or sickness can leave an individual unfit to inhale, feed and partake in important correspondences, and they may require help at home. When this happens, a home speech therapist can give you all the required attention and care to enable you to recapture your speech and help you through the course of your recuperation.

Speech therapy is amazingly ground-breaking in helping people encountering genuine speech conditions or gulping troubles recover, particularly in their own special space. HealthNow Home Healthcare is centered around giving home Speech treatment to patients in San Leandro to empower them to enjoy good health and independence in caring out normal correspondence and gulping functions for their customary living.

At HealthNow Home Healthcare, our home speech therapists work considering one objective, to help patients in a situation that is most advantageous for them, as this can positively affect their way to recuperation. We comprehend that by receiving care in a situation that the patient is all around acquainted with, the patient will feel more secure, and all right with the data and capacity to manage their conditions, medicines, and symptoms.

Active In-home therapist

There are numerous health challenges that can make you require the consideration of a home speech therapist, yet the most widely recognized one is a stroke. A Stroke is an extremely calamitous encounter that an individual can experience. A large portion of the occasions, a stroke will prompt an impermanent or permanent loss of motion on one part in the body. Balance, memory, talk, understanding, and vision may also be impaired. Also, muscle fits and pain are fundamental issues associated with a stroke. In light of these issues, stroke survivors may encounter issues doing essential functions like breathing, strolling, and dressing. It may be exceptionally troublesome for them to continue performing their functions as spouses, parents, or workers.

The commonest challenge of stroke is speech difficulty. A good number of stroke survivors are diagnosed with aphasia, unrest that incapacitates one’s ability to process language. In spite of the fact that aphasia does not have any negative effect on knowledge, it can make it troublesome for the patient to talk and grasp others, while moreover frustrating their abilities to read well and create writings.

This why HealthNow Home Healthcare is focused on providing premium speech therapists to help patients in San Leandro regain their speech functions. Our speech therapist can also help patients suffering from A heart attack, Difficulty in swallowing and Difficulty in breathing.

Our speech therapy covers:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Comprehension
  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Visual processing
  • Problem-solving

What you stand to benefit

  • You can conserve your strength and energy by receiving all the care and attention you need in your path to recuperation.
  • Home speech therapy gives patients the opportunity to enjoy the company of their friends, family, and companions while undergoing treatment.
  • You’ll feel more comfortable being in your home and you can easily monitor your progress in the presence of your acquaintances.
  • Speech therapy exercises like consonant and vowel pairing repetitions, word games and tongue exercises that are designed to help you in your path to recovery are more convenient in a familiar environment

If you are a stroke survivor in San Leandro and you are experiencing any difficulties in your speech, breathing and or gulping, HealthNow Home Healthcare provides convenient home speech therapy that will help you recover your speech functions in no time.

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