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At HealthNow Home Healthcare, we provide only the best home physical therapists that can help you regain your ability to perform your daily functions. Our home physical therapists have helped numerous patients all over San Leandro on their paths to recovery. At HomeNow Home Healthcare, our physical therapy programs are not just conservative, they are also effective in helping you regain your functions.

Physical therapy is one of the most effective ways to help individuals of any age who have therapeutic conditions, sicknesses or wounds that limit their normal capacity to move and function.

A modified physical therapy plan can enable people to come back to their earlier levels of activity, and promote exercises and routine changes that can help avert further injuries. It can also enhance the overall health and wellbeing of the patient.

 Physical therapy specialists frequently provide treatment options on the request of primary care doctors whenever there’s any hint of an issue since it is viewed as an exceptional way to managing problems.

In case you are Pondering on what makes physical treatment so essential? here is shortlist cut out from the long list of benefits associated with physical therapy.

Benefits of physical therapy

  • Reduce pain

Physical therapy activities or Remedial activities, for example, the mobilization of joint and soft tissue or therapeutic treatments like electrical stimulation, tapping, or ultrasound can help soothe pain and reestablish muscle and joint capacity to lessen pain.  These treatments can likewise keep pain from returning.

  • Can help you avoid surgery

In the event that physical therapies take away your pain or recuperate you from injury, a medical procedure may not be required. What’s more, regardless of whether a medical procedure is required, you may profit by pre-medical procedure physical treatment. If you are going into a medical procedure more grounded and fit as a fiddle, you will recover quicker a short time later in most cases. Also, if you don’t have to go under the knife, you’ll spend less on health care.

  • Improve Mobility.

In case you’re experiencing difficulty strolling, moving, or standing—regardless of your age, physical treatment can help. Physical therapy programs include stretching and strengthening activities that will help reinstate your capacity to move. At HealthNow Home Healthcare, our Physical therapists can properly fit people with a stick, bolsters or some other assistive gadget, or access for an orthotic remedy. By modifying an individual care plan, whatever movement that is imperative to a person’s life can be polished and adjusted to guarantee maximal execution and safety.

  • Recover from a Stroke

It’s basic to lose some level of function and mobility after a stroke. Physical therapy reinforces debilitated parts of the body and enhances gait and parity. Physical Therapists can likewise improve stroke patients’ ability to move around in bed with the goal that they be more independent around the home.

This will help them reduce their burden of care for toileting, showering, dressing and different exercises of day by day living.

  • Manage age-related issues

 As people age, they may experience joint pain or osteoporosis and in some critical cases, they may require a joint replacement. Here at HealthNow Home Healthcare, our physical therapists are specialists in helping patients recoup from joint replacements, and they are very proficient in providing conservative ways to manage osteoporotic or arthritic conditions.

In case you have any questions about how our physical therapy programs can help or your loved get the care you need, please waste no time in calling us, we are always available to provide you with premium physical therapists anywhere in San Leandro.

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