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Who Is A Home Nurse?

As the name implies, the term home nurse refers to a healthcare caregiver that has been trained to assist or aid the elderly or infirmed ones right at the comfort of their homes. The level of success home nurses have reported in the last couple of years has moved more people to hire them. In fact, it has become one of the effective and life-saving healthcare forms anyone can choose for their elderly or sick loved ones. A home nurse has been licensed by the relevant authorities, meaning that they are capable of providing your loved one with the needed assistance.

When you first hire the service of a home nurse, their first task would be to carefully evaluate the condition of the client. Once that is done, they will have to develop a care plan that would help them achieve the set goal of which they were hired. To explain better, these home nurses may be hired to offer the needed assistance to individuals recovering from major surgery, or those that have difficulty moving from around. In cases like these two, the main aim of the home nurse would be to help the client recover and also help him/her get back on their feet.

Some of the main services that home nurses carry out include; therapeutic and rehabilitative services, medical care, preventable care etc.

Services Of A Home Nurse

You will find it surprising to know that there are tons of services performed by home nurses in Oakland. These services include;

  1. Medical services; actually the most common service performed by home nurses, it includes; wound cleaning, administration of drugs and injections on time, and sending feedback to the doctor.
  2. ADL (Activities of Daily Life); aside from the fact that these home nurses provide medical care to the client, they can also help to handle other aspects of the client’s life. Some of the ADL services include; toilet hygiene, personal hygiene, styling, brushing, and bathing the client. Although these services mentioned here are not medical in the real sense of it, they are done to ensure that the client is in a good shape to receive and respond better to treatments.
  3. IADL (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living); this happens to be another aspect of ADL. These are activities that are instrumental to the overall well-being of the client. Some of these services include; cleaning and maintaining the home, carefully managing the finances of the client, shopping for groceries, cooking and feeding the client, scheduling visits for the client to ensure that he/she gets enough rest each day. Answer calls and reply emails. Interestingly, they also educate the client about the importance of prevention. Also, they could organize campaigns and awareness programs that would teach those in the neighborhood the importance of taking precautionary measures.
  4. They could also act as case managers; being case managers, these home nurses are charged with the responsibility of coordinating activities from other aspects or disciplines to help the patient recover. These disciplines or aspects could include rehabilitation, visiting centers, parks, museums etc.

Benefits Of A Home Nurse In Hayward

  1. Cater to the needs of your loved one personally; while most people would prefer to take their loved ones to nursing facilities, they would find it surprising to know that those home nurses have the needed skills and would cater to the personal needs of the client. This would not only comfort the elderly, but it would also preserve their dignity.
  2. Would foster a good relationship between the client and the home nurse.
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