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What Is Home Healthcare?

In basic terms, home healthcare refers to treatment or care that a sick or elderly individual receives from the comfort of their home. In the last couple of years, it has grown to become one of the most popular healthcare forms. Instead of sending your sick or elderly loved one to the nursing facility, you could have them catered for in their homes. Research has shown that home healthcare is one of the best ways to care for the elderly as they respond to treatment better when they are attended to in that home they’ve had most of their amazing memories.

While most people confuse these two terms together, they would find it interesting to know that that “home care” and “home healthcare” are quite different. One of them focuses directly on medical care while the other focuses on medical care alongside direct care for the client in other aspects of life. Home healthcare could include some of these; administering of drugs and injections, therapeutic services, and general nursing care. The term “home healthcare” covers a wide range of medical service that patients or clients can receive. Therapeutic services happen to be part of the healthcare services that these well-trained professionals are required to offer.

Services Offered By Home Healthcare Service Providers

  1. Medical services; these licensed healthcare service providers offer clients medical services like the managing of prescriptions, administering of drugs and injections, regular check-ups etc. Additionally, part of the medical service would be to report back to the doctor if they notice an area that should be given special care and attention. Basically, a home healthcare provider should be in touch with the client’s doctor to enable him/her pass the right information on time. As part of their prescription management, these professionals would offer the client drugs and injections at the right time.
  2. Therapeutic services; another service that could be performed by a professional healthcare service provider is therapy for the client. Actually, the two most common type of therapies is; the physical and occupational therapy. Physical therapy is offered to clients that find it difficult to move from one place to the other. To enable them to get back on their feet, a home healthcare service provider is expected to take a careful look at the condition of the client, then create a unique plan that would help the patient gain strength and balance.
  3. Social medical services; although this home healthcare service is not that common, it requires a healthcare provider to find and also visit community areas or centers that could help the client recover. These centers could be parks, train stations, museums etc.
  4. Doctor care; this service entails a regular visit of the doctor to the home of the patient either to diagnose or treat an illness. These visits could be monthly or weekly depending on the condition of the patient.

Benefits Of Hiring The Service Of A Home Healthcare Service Provider In Hayward

Some of the benefits that come with hiring the service of a professional home healthcare service provider include but are definitely not limited to these;

1  Prevents further injuries; catering to the needs of a sick or elderly person in a familiar territory will definitely reduce the risk of falling or incurring other injuries as a result of a reduction of sight, balance, strength etc. Having them placed in nursing facilities will definitely make them uncomfortable and would expose to them to more life-threatening risks.

2. Would help nurture friendship between the client and other family members as they can visit as much as they want.

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