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You will find it surprising to know that one (1) in seven (7) Americans are 65 years and above. Going by this report published by the Administration on Aging (AA), this number would increase as there is a low death rate in the country. With these increasing number of seniors, there is a demand for health care services to cater to their daily and medical needs. One of these services is the “Senior Care”. As the name implies, senior care has to do with the physical, mental, and medical care of these aged ones.

As old age comes, it comes with all types of ailments and body pains. This is why senior care handles these services; physical therapy, disease, pain, post-charge care, medication management, ADLs and IADLs.

Do you have aged parents? Have you been seeking for means to cater to their needs? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is important that you try senior care.

Types Of Senior Care

  1. Personal Care;

This is one of the most common senior care types you can choose for that aged parent or relative. As the name implies, this senior care type involves the personal care of these aged ones. This personal care is divided into two main parts;

  1. Activities of Daily Living (ADL); these are services that are related to the general well-being of your loved one. Some of these activities that these senior caregivers can offer include; feeding, dressing, walking, bathing, dressing, toilet hygiene, brushing etc. These services are vital for the general well-being of your loved one and would be carried out by professionals that have been trained specifically for the job.
  2. Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL); this refers to activities that although do not relate to the personal care of the aged person, but contributes a large quota to their overall improvement and growth. Some of these services include; washing, cleaning after them, cooking, shopping for groceries, managing their finances, setting up visitations, making and receiving calls etc. Also, these senior caregivers could take these aged ones to certain areas probably community centers, parks, museums etc all with the aim to make them feel better.
  3. Medical Care;

This is arguably the most common senior care type you can opt for your aged loved one. It simply has to do with attending to the medical or health needs of aged ones. This could involve regular check-ups, administering drugs etc. Services to expect when you opt for this senior care type are;

  1. Skilled Nursing; you will agree that seniors and health problems are most of the times synonymous. This would mean that they will be needing special medicare. Skilled nurses have been trained to cater to their medical needs. These nurses have been licensed by the relevant authorities and are able to perform these services; conducting regular check-ups, administering drugs and injections, medical equipment solution, post and pre-surgical care, assessment of the home, reporting back to the doctor etc.
  2. Therapy; most times, seniors find themselves in need of physical, occupational, or speech therapy. Whichever therapy they need, senior care offers them. Seniors who find it difficult to move around would be assessed and offered an exercise plan that would help them get back on their feet. Those with speech disorders would also be examined by these professional senior caregivers.

Companionship; as these seniors age, they begin to forget things. During this period, it is necessary that they have someone to talk to. Senior caregivers are able to provide them with emotional support and encouragement. They will also help to supervise them as well as manage their medications.

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