In simpler terms, an occupational therapist is a well-trained therapist that makes use of critical assessment to develop, maintain, or recover certain meaningful activities of communities, groups, and individuals. Often times, these well-trained occupational therapists work with individuals with disabilities, impairment, injuries, and mental problems.

According to the AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association), an occupational therapist is someone that helps individuals irrespective of their age and background to participate in things that they would love to do through the use of everyday activities. Some of these everyday activities include but are definitely not limited to these;

Services Offered By Occupational Therapists

Some of the services occupational therapists offer to individuals of different ages and background include;

For Children;

Occupational therapists help children to;

For Seniors;

They offer the following services;

Individuals With Mental Health;

For those with mental problems, occupational therapists offer the following services;

Those With Injury;

East Bay occupational therapists offer these services to those suffering from injuries;

Where Occupational Therapists Are Needed

While we have discussed some of the services these occupational therapists offer, we will mention some of the institutions that need at least one occupational therapist in their midst.

  1. Health institutions; an occupational therapist can help attend to people in these institutions; hospitals, mental health centers, nursing homes, schools, health centers etc.
  2. Businesses and industries; an occupational therapist is needed in organizations, businesses etc.
  3. All government offices.
  4. The home as well as the community at large

Benefits Of An Occupational Therapist

Some of the benefits of visiting an occupational therapist include but are definitely not limited to these;