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In home health care simply refers to the diagnosis and treatment of a patient in the comfort of their home. This has been referred to by most people as one of the most effective healthcare options anyone can choose for themselves or for their loved ones. In home health care is one healthcare type that sees professionals visit the home of their patients to carry out medical check-up. Often times, these in home health workers are made to carry out certain activities like attending to the personal and toilet hygiene of patients. All this is to ensure that the patient is in the right frame of mind to receive treatment.

The main reason for the development of this tested-and-proven health care option is to ensure that those unable to take care of their aged loved ones either because of work or distance are able to do so irrespective of how busy they are. All they need to do is hire the service of an in home health care personnel. They have been well-trained and are capable of catering to the needs of those with all types of medical conditions.

In Home Health Options You Can Opt For

While we have discussed what these in home health caregivers do, we will take a look at some of the various options you can choose for that loved one. These options include;

  1. Home care; this is one of the most common in home health options you can choose for your loved ones. These in home health professionals have been trained to help patients or clients with their basic needs like; bathing, walking, dressing, personal hygiene etc. Interestingly, most of these aides have been trained to assist nurses with specialized health care.

Aside from these services mentioned, home care aides can offer other services referred to as IADL (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living). They include; grocery shopping, managing the finances of clients, cooking and feeding, cleaning the house, responding to emails, setting visitation times etc.

  1. Nursing care; referred to as the most common form of in home health care, nursing caregivers offer the following services; setting up a plan in consultation with the doctor treating the patient, administering medications and injections, ostomy care, intravenous therapy etc. Depending on the nature of the client, these in home health caregivers can carry out certain ADL (Activities of Daily Living) services like; dressing injuries, cleaning, feeding, bathing, toilet hygiene, personal hygiene, getting them dressed, conduct regular medical check-ups, reporting back to the doctor when they notice certain unusual behaviors.

Also, these in home health caregivers can also offer companionship services. This is to ensure that these aged and sick people do not become depressed. While offering companion services, they would also have to supervise the patient as well as take them out to community centers, parks, museums or places that may improve their condition.

  1. Doctor care; although this in home health care option is not common, it is still an effective in home health care option. As the name implies, a doctor would have to visit the patient to diagnose as well as treat them from the comfort of their homes. As time goes by, these in home health doctors would carry out medical check-ups to ascertain the level of the patient.

Why Choose In Home Health Care

  • Helps to maintain the dignity of your loved one
  • According to several reports, it is the most effective healthcare option and this is because patients tend to respond better when treated at home

Helps form a deep bond between patient and health caregiver.

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