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Home healthcare simply refers to the healthcare that is received in the comfort of your home. This healthcare practice has become one of the most selected options for seniors and sick people. This is because they get to be treated in their comfort zone. Most people have referred to home healthcare as supportive care that is given by professionals to those that are elderly and sick right in the comfort of their respective homes.

Those who offer home healthcare services have been well trained to handle such services. Most times, they provide your loved or sick ones with medical assistance, while other times they may help out with certain ADL’s (activities of daily living). Whichever service they provide, the significant thing is that they do so in the comfort zone of the client or patient.

Types Of East Bay Home Healthcare Services

Do you have a sick or aged parent or relative? If you answer yes, then it is important that you hire home healthcare professional to help out. We will discuss some of the services these healthcare professionals are able to offer to your loved one. They include;

  1. Nursing care; this has been described as the most common home healthcare type. The main duty of a nurse would be to come up with a plan (after consulting with a doctor) that would help care for the sick or aged person. Some of the services you can expect when you choose this home healthcare type include; administration of medications, wound dressing, intravenous therapy, pain control, ostomy care, carefully examining the health condition of the patient, sending regular feedback to the doctor etc.
  2. Doctor care; this type involves a doctor regularly visiting a patient at the comfort of their home to diagnose and also offer treatment when needed. The services of this home healthcare type include; prescribing medications, general check-up, treating the patient etc.
  3. Medical social service; these home healthcare workers provide the following services to patients; locating and taking them to community centers and homes that would help improve their overall well being and also offering counseling services. Often times, these well-trained social workers manage the patient’s case. That is, they would be required to manage or coordinate various services especially when the condition of the patient becomes more complicated.
  4. Home care; this type of home healthcare is often times said to be the same thing with nurse care. The difference between these two home healthcare types is that the former focuses of administering medications while the latter focuses on the health as well as the general care of the patient. Some of the services that your loved one can receive when you opt for this home healthcare type include; bathing, dressing them up, feeding, toilet hygiene, walking, shopping etc.
  5. Companionship; as these seniors continue to age, they often times feel absent in this world. This continuous absence could lead to depression. To cater to their emotional needs, companionship has been included as one of the various types of home healthcare service your loved one can receive. Some of the services to expect when you opt for this home healthcare type include; companionship, supervision, carrying out household duties that contribute to the general well-being of the patient.

Benefits Of Home Healthcare

Some of the benefits include;

  • Maintains the integrity of your loved one
  • Offers them access to competent healthcare tailored to meet their every demand
  • Helps to carefully administer and manage their medication
  • Performs household and personal duties that contribute to the overall well-being and betterment of the patient.
  • Has been proven to offer better healthcare results
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