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HealthNow does not provide caregiving services. HealthNow provides skilled nursing and therapy services conducted by licensed professionals. Below you can read about the caregiver vs skilled care differences.

Caregivers are simply those that have been trained to offer aged and sick individuals the needed help. They are capable of offering tons of services. The word “caregiver” comprises various fields and angles. Some of the services these caregivers offer include; personal, medical, therapeutic, etc. That have all been trained to help sick and aging ones with certain daily living activities.

You will find it surprising to know that the term “caregiver” is one of the most used in the medical field. While they offer a wide range of services, we will discuss some of the services these caregivers offer;

  1. Personal Care;

These caregivers have been trained to offer personal care services to those in need of it. While there are tons of personal care services to be offered, these caregivers offer the following; assisting elderly or sick ones in carrying out home activities. These activities could include; bathing these sick or aging ones, dressing them, grooming them, feeding, and often times cleaning after them.

Some of the other services these caregivers can offer sick and aging ones include; washing their clothes, cleaning the house, helping them shop for groceries, cook for them, schedule visiting days, help them receive and make calls, manage their finances for them, help them walk around (that is if they are finding it difficult to walk) etc. These personal caregivers can also help to manage medications. That is they would be able to give these aging or sick ones their medications when due. Depending on the health condition of these aging or sick ones, caregivers may be asked to report or give feedback to the doctor on a regular basis.

Also depending on the mental condition of the patient, caregivers can offer companionship services to these patients. According to reports, this service is reserved for those that are lonely or those suffering from depression. These caregivers can also act as social workers in the sense that they can locate and take these aging or sick ones to certain centers. These centers could be the favorite places of these patients. All this is done to ensure that these aging and sick ones feel better and also respond better to treatment.

  1. Skilled or Professional Care;

Skilled or professional care differs from caregivers offer aging and sick ones medical services that may include; managing their medications, offering them a good diet list that would not have any negative effect on them. Most of the times, these medical professionals work hand in hand with doctors or are doctors themselves. They help diagnose as well as treat sick patients or patients that need therapy services. To ensure that these patients are improving, regular check-ups are being conducted periodically. These services would not only contribute to the general well-being of these ones, but it will also help them respond better to treatment.

In most cases, these medical caregivers are required to carry out certain personal care activities like feeding and bathing the patient. This entirely depends on the condition of the patient.

Types Of Caregivers

There are actually two types of caregivers.

  1. Home caregivers; these are caregivers that offer these services mentioned above to these aging and sick ones right in the comfort of their homes. These home caregivers often times are made to spend a couple of days with these ones, although, depending on their health condition. Surprisingly, this type of caregiving has become the most common as well as the most effective. This is because these aging and sick ones readily respond to treatment that is received in their comfort zone.

Institutional caregivers; these are caregivers that offer these services mentioned above to patients in various health institutions. Because of the nature of this caregiving type, they are not able to offer some of the services mentioned.

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