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The Benefits of Home Care for the Disabled Patient

Many people do not understand what home care providers do and how much support they provide to disabled persons. There are various types of home care offering different services for medical care and support services to patients or clients having limited abilities due to illness, age or disability. Home care is for those people who cannot live independently but want to stay in their own home and not in a nursing home. Such patients may require nursing care, dietary monitoring, or a variety of therapies including speech, occupational, physical, and respiratory.

For medical care, the services must usually be prescribed by a physician. A physician suggests medical care to a disabled person when they think that it is quite a necessity for the patient quick recovery. Examples of home health care include:

  1. Physicians may regularly visit patients at their home
  2. Registered nurses (RNs) or licensed practical nurses (LPNs) performing duties such as blood draws, wound care, injections of medicine, regular blood pressure monitoring and professional assessments or case management
  3. Physical therapists (PTs) help their patients regain mobility and strength of weakened body parts through specific exercises or massage. When a person goes for knee surgery treatment doctor, discharge him/her after a few days, but that person needs regular physiotherapy so that he/she can starts walking own
  4. Speech and language related pathologists work with patients who are suffering from communication-related disorders, usually related to a traumatic event like a stroke or an accident; they can also help patients who have trouble swallowing or breathing. Many kids also have speech disorder and doctor advice for a speech therapist
  5. Dietitians help patients who need specialised meal plans, such as those with diabetes or allergies.

Not everyone requires medical care. Some patients usually disabled, injured and senior people need help with general activities of daily living. Home health care professionals are accountable for helping with getting in and out of bed, getting dressed, using the bathroom, brushing teeth, bathing and walking. Chore workers provide help with household duties such as cleaning, laundry, shopping and cooking. Some clients need a constant level of monitoring to avoid harming themselves, such as the case of patients who have dementia are always kept in the company of a companion. For many home care duties which are non- medical in nature volunteers can fulfill these needs. Depending upon the level of difficulty of the tasks, volunteers get various levels of training to meet the requirements.

Social workers will assess the requirements of the patient whether they are related to financial, emotional, or physical support. They will help the patient, and their families come across suitable services to help with a variety of needs which includes housing, food, or health services.

Home care for the disabled in the Alameda County enables people with physical disabilities to live in their own homes. This makes them feel free and provides a sense of wellbeing than they would experience in a health facility.

Alameda County Disability Statistics

As per an estimate, 1 in 5 of the US population has some form of physical disability. Recent figures suggest that:

  • A quarter million people living in the US use wheelchairs
  • Roughly 30.6 million people have a problem with walking or climbing staircase. Many use wheelchairs, walkers, cane and crutches.
  • 6 million People in the US have hearing disabilities, including 1.1 million difficulties were severe.
  • 0 million People in the US are blind, and about 8.1 million people had problems related to vision.

On top of these figures, many people in the US have hidden disabilities.  And these are diabetes, epilepsy etc.

Home Care for the Disabled in the Alameda County

Although many people who have physical disabilities can look after themselves, a number of them rely on help from others.

Home care for the disabled in the Alameda County helps disabled people who need support, live in their own homes. Some people with physical disabilities receive help from their family or friends. However, many do not have this option.

Home care for the disabled in the US falls into two main categories; Medical care and supported living.

Medical care expert takes over from the friend or family member who has primary responsibility for looking after the disabled person. This can be because the primary caretaker is temporarily not available or because he or she needs a break.

Supported living usually takes place when a disabled person has been discharged from hospital and has short-term care needs like help in walking, getting up from the bed, bathing, visiting washroom etc. However, it can also take place on a longer-term basis.

Home care workers for the disabled help out in many ways. They can do housekeeping and also carry out routine personal care roles as well as health-related services.

Family members or close friends who have developmental disabilities can keep their independence with in-home care services. Instead of moving those people into nursing home facilities; these loved ones can stay in their own homes, choosing from a variety of care services depending on the needs of the particular person.

Many of the people seeking in-home care services need help with their hygiene. Tasks like bathing and brushing teeth may be everyday habits that most people don’t even think about, but for others, these habits can be challenging to perform on their own. With this type of service, a professional will come to the person’s house every day to help your loved one with these needs.

Depending on the severity of the person with developmental disabilities, cleaning their home and keeping it tidy can also prove to be quite difficult. Workers in-home-home care in Alameda County can come into the home several times per week, cleaning the house from top to bottom. There are also some home care companies that help the loved one with the cleaning, instead of doing all of it for them. This type of service can teach the disabled person how to take care of their own home so that they can maintain some independence.

For those people who suffer from more severe disabilities, there are also services that offer more full-time care. For those with Alzheimer’s or other sensitive issues, special professionals provide 24-hour services or live-in services so that there is always a very qualified person available at all times.

HealthNowCa wants your loved ones to be able to maintain their independence and be safe at home in familiar surroundings.

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