Becoming a Family Caregiver? Here’s How To Find Your Balance

As most people’s life span increases with medications’ help, some of us wouldn’t expect to become a family caregiver. May it be your aging parent, a child with special needs, a partner with chronic illness, or anyone. Taking good care of your loved one needs a lot of patience and is also considered an act […]

Home Healthcare Service: Is Your Loved One Fit for Such Assistance?

The reality of living in a pandemic has become particularly challenging for families of older loved ones or loved ones of special needs. Family members always have full plates, gloves, sanitizers, and masks the whole time. The increased possibility of COVID-19 and what it entails for the elderly is obviously daunting to families today. Here’s […]

Do You Want To Be an Efficient Hospice Caregiver? Here’s How!

Some consider caregiving as a duty or a responsibility that should not go wrong. Some caregivers suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, agitation, irritation, and sadness. They might also experience negative feelings at once. Moreover, as responsibilities increase, they may lose time for themselves. Below are some suggestions that might help you to be an effective […]

Help Your Senior Loved Ones With Spring Cleaning; Here’s How!

After winter, it’s time to look forward to spring! Spring is regarded as the season of fresh starts. This is no wonder spring cleaning is an annual activity for many. Although it does not seem really fun to do chores, cleaning does have several advantages. According to experts, the spring season is an opportunity to […]

How to Know If It’s Time for a New Healthcare Job

Before you enter the healthcare industry, you should make sure that you are physically, emotionally, and mentally prepared.  Even some healthcare experts still experience difficulties in managing any type of conflict.   If you decide to pursue this career, check these signs below for affirmation:  You are comfortable with teamwork Health care professionals work with different […]

Types of In-Home Caregiving Services in the United States

Our elders’ age day by day. Do you know where the seniors choose to stay in comfort and safety amid COVID-19 pandemic? It’s at home, with their loved ones and healthcare worker. According to the National Council, nine out of 10 seniors wanted to live in their homes for the next couple of years.  They […]

Grief in the Time of a Pandemic: How The Hospice Care Industry Cope Up

Many people suffer and die alone at this time because of COVID-19. The pandemic induced a fatality ratio of 3.46 percent worldwide as of the 4th week of August 2020. Families and friends cannot be on the COVID-19 positive patients’ side even on their last moment. They are unable to touch and hug their loved […]

Seniors Worry About These Three Things; Here’s How You Can Help!

Getting anxious. Worried. The people you love, including the senior citizens, always think over other issues, and odds are high. Of course, they’re not going to let you know that. When your parents are the elders of your life, the last thing they will like you to do is think over their concerns! But worry […]

‘No Touch’ is The New ‘High Touch’ in the Healthcare Industry

As the novel coronavirus spread across our nation and the globe, people isolated themselves and follow the ‘no touch’ protocols. Many have followed that advice, afraid that even a trip to the store to pick up essential drugs could put them at risk. Some of the confusion diminished as time went by, but now we […]

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