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Skilled nursing and therapy are very important in the health sector of every region. They are a great influence on the health of many people, both young and old. Home Healthcare in Bay Area are services offered to anyone with health issues. Elderly ones especially also have a lot to benefit from them. HealthNow Home healthcare is a top Healthcare agency in Bay Area. They are a professional help to getting effective personal care.

HealthNow Home Healthcare staff are trained and licensed to make life easier for you by offering licensed nurses and therapists.

Difference Between Caregivers and Skilled Professionals

Caregivers are personal care aides. They provide assistance to people who are injured, sick, physically or mentally impaired, the old and the fragile. They work in their clients home to help with daily activities such as bathing, toilet use, grooming, medication reminders, and they also assist with chores around the house. They help clients with running errands, shopping, banking, keeping appointments with doctors, transportation arrangement, and companions for clients.

Caregivers are trained to pay attention to details. They are flexible and can easily adapt to a client’s home rules and schedule. They have great interpersonal skills that help with easy relation with their clients. Caregivers are sensitive and compassionate to their clients. They have great time management skills. They are schedule keepers as they keep strictly to time. They ensure that clients meet with appointments on time. They know how to build a great relationship with their clients. The following are the basic tasks and responsibilities of HealthNow caregivers:

  • Caregivers assist clients with basic needs. Basic needs include activities that are carried out on a daily basis. Assistance with these activities is specifically required by elderly ones who may have difficulty in carrying out activities of daily living such as bathing, grooming, and toileting.
  • Aging makes us become less active. Caregivers understand the effect of aging, so they help clients and the elderly with housekeeping. They provide assistance by cooking, cleaning the kitchen, disposing of the garbage, vacuuming, etc.
  • Caregivers help with meal planning and preparation. Old age people see cooking as one of the most stressful things to engage in. Caregivers come in to assist with grocery shopping, meal planning, and management. They strictly monitor the nutrition and diet of clients. They educate them on the type of food that is healthy for them. They deliver delicious and nutrient-packed meals to their clients always.
  • One of the basic reasons for hiring a caregiver is for great and valuable companionship. Companionship is one of the greatest characteristics of a caregiver. Caregivers build valuable and meaningful companionship with clients.

 Seniors need a person that will constantly be with them, they need someone to talk to. Their children and relatives may not be able to do this due to other daily engagements but this is a service HealthNow does not offer caregivers but offers skilled nursing and therapy.

The benefits of a caregiver are bountiful. Every Senior in Bay Area should consider taking advantage of caregiver and reach out to us for skilled services from HealthNow Home Healthcare Services.

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