Home health care is sometimes called in-home care or social care, and it involves a professional providing supportive care at home. When a person is suffering from ailing health or is out of surgery, it is only wise that a professional be used. This is why Health Now is dedicated to offering people professional South Bay home health caregivers that are licensed and have undergone the necessary medical training.

At Health Now, every south bay home health caregiver is licensed with proper medical authorities and is capable of offering the necessary medical treatments at home, while working with medical personnel like doctors.

Our south bay home health caregivers ensure that the activities of the daily living of a person in need of such assistance are done accordingly.

What Makes Our South Bay Home Health Caregivers Stand Out

What our south bay home health caregivers offer is in-home medical care, which is different from non-medical care offered by those that are not licensed. Our in-home care services are those that are meant to be provided by only those with the necessary training and licensing, hence can be called medical personnel.

For those who are suffering from terminal ailments, hospice care is also covered in our home care services. For those patients that are currently undergoing recovery from ailment or surgery, our home health care services usually include rehabilitative therapies.

Our South Home Health Care services are tailored to meet the unique needs of our varying clients.

What Does Our Home Health Services Do

Generally, our home health services are tailored to aid pediatric clients, seniors, as well as adults, who are currently under recovery after a facility stay, surgery or hospital stay, adjust safely to daily life.

These South Bay home health caregivers offer that extra support needed for a patient to stay at home, preventing the need for a prolonged stay in the hospital.

Their jobs involve ensuring that the person adjusts to the daily life activities like eating and even walking around. That’s not all, as our professional south bay home health caregivers are at hand to ensure medications are properly taken, the state of a person is monitored, meals with the nutrition needs are taken and lots more.

Our home health care services usually include assistive home health care, therapeutic home care, rehabilitative, and short term nursing.

Who Are Our Home Health Caregivers?

At Health Now, we are dedicated to ensuring that every caregiver of ours is trained and with the necessary licensing to work in the field, and that’s why we make use of solely the best.

Some of our home health caregivers are;

Under our employees are also CNAs- Certified Nursing Assistants, Home care aides and others that are licensed to offer the non-medical care to patients. Their duties usually involve taking the patient to bed and out of bed, taking the patient to use the toilet, help them while bathing, and dressing. They go ahead to help in preparing the meals, running errands for the patient, going with the client to go and see medical personnel for a regular checkup, acting as a companion, running to the grocery shop and lots more. Depending on your needs, we are dedicated to finding the right professional for you.