Elderly care involves taking care of senior citizens and ensuring that their unique requirements and needs are met. This is divided into many aspects like nursing homes, home care, hospice care, adult day care, assisted living and so on. Out of everything, a lot of senior citizens would prefer home care because they would love to live in the home that they have always known.

Home Care

Since a lot of older adults prefer to live in the homes that they have always known, that’s why Health Now offers elderly care to those living in South Bay. Every south bay elder care professional has been trained to act as a live-in assistant, providing every necessary aid to the senior citizens that they will live with.

Instead of bundling older adults to an elderly home, where they start feeling out of place, they can continue to live out their lives in their homes, surrounded by memories and people that love them.

A lot of elderly persons usually lose their functioning abilities and sometimes are made to stay in an elder care facility out of their wish. Health Now South Bay elderly care professionals are at hand to offer older adults the services that they would have received in an elder care facility, right at home.

With the home care service offered by professional South bay elder caregivers, older adults can live out the remaining of their years in their home, happy and healthy.

Some of the duties that our professional south bay elder caregivers offer are:

Taking Care Of Medications

As a person gets older, and the ability to function well reduces, there may be a need for medications to be taken strictly. Our professional south bay elder caregivers are at hand to ensure whatever medications prescribed by medical personnel are adhered to strictly. Whatever schedule that was given would be strictly followed.

Report Any Changes To Medical Personnel

Our south bay elderly caregivers are taught to be observant, watching for any changes in the health or ability of older adults. If it is noticed that there are negative changes, the elderly caregiver will make the observation known to medical personnel. To our professional south bay elderly caregivers, their jobs are far more than nannying but incorporates the health status of the person.

Eating Assistance

Sometimes, older adults may have some problems eating because of one reason or the other. Our elderly caregivers understand how to make those they take care of eat. While working with dietitians, the South bay elderly caregiver ensures that every meal consumed meets the nutritional needs. Under no condition will the older adult be allowed to eat in an unhealthy manner.

Make Decisions For The Elderly Person

Since a lot of elderly persons may not want to be bothered or are not in any state to make rational decisions, the elderly caregiver takes it upon himself or herself to make those decisions. It could be a decision of what to eat, what to wear, how the chores would be done, and lots more.

Help In Keeping The Physical And Mental Health

Depending on the condition of the older adult and by recommendation from the healthcare personnel like a doctor, the south bay elderly caregiver can tailor the daily life to incorporate activities that would heighten the physical and mental health of the person.